Technology your favorite Voice Assistant use

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 12, 2019 | 5772 Views

There are a number of advancements Science and technology have made in the recent past. Be it Robotics or Artificial intelligence, every of the non-imaginative and unpredictable works has become a reality using it. Technology is a thing which is growing and spreading enormously like anything. We are moving in a technological world, or in fact, have already moved in.

There was a time in history when innovators and developers were successful in developing machines without actually having a normal human interaction with. A normal human interaction here I imply with like the normal communication we do up with each other through speech (the human voice) where there are only words used for understanding. 

With NLP (Natural language processing), the idea of machine understanding the natural voice has come into the picture.

An NLP is a subfield of Artificial intelligence, dealing with the intelligence to translate human speech into machine-readable text and giving us the desired output. 

Almost every one of us has access and are familiar to the voice assistants that are in numerous use today. Take Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Cortana or any other voice assistants, everything is using NLP in it. 

You could have a better understanding of NLP by remembering the searches you make in your google assistant (I hope everyone has used it) for getting the desired information and the software inside the assistant which actually understands your voice and filter out the results for you. 
NLP is the technology by which computers or phone can understand human speech, understanding your language and giving the relevant information asked for. There was a time in the era when there was a necessity of typing text to get the relevant information from Google while surfing the net, but with the latest advancements and use of NLP, we have got the comfort to actually get to complete our task by natural voice and not actually typing.

Apart from using in Virtual assistants, NLP has its wide importance in chatbots, getting used for a number of purposes. You must have got in interaction with the chatbots used in customer service that gives you the assistance.
Not getting a good customer interaction when there are lots of problems to fix with, an NLP can actually make the process simple and fast by indulging in communication and giving assistance on demand. With the technology of NLP, it has become convenient to get assistance anytime without actually waiting for a person to deal with that.

Source: HOB