How easily you can clear a Technical Interview?

By ridhigrg |Email | May 8, 2019 | 11061 Views

To get a job is not tough; to get a good job is what one is always after. In such tech times, when the hiring at reputed organizations are at an all-time high, getting a good job is as difficult as (or perhaps tougher than) it was a few years ago. The levels of scrutiny are the same, first, there is a written round, then a technical interview, a Group discussion may or may not be there and in the end an HR interview.

The written test is normally composed questions which test the logical and analytical skills of the candidate. An English section may also be there to test the candidate's language skills. Some companies also throw in some technical questions so if you think you only have to face technical questions in an interview, think again. So should always have a nice technical revision before going for the recruitment process. A nice technical base would not only give you a lot of confidence but would help you in various other departments.

If you manage to clear the written then don't get all light and happy, the ultimate test in the form if a technical interview lies on the other side. A technical interview is normally centered on a number of topics and is primarily associated with the subjects which you study as a part of your curriculum. The interviewer also might have a lot of favorites like Database Management, Networking, Operating System, software engineering, etc. But one thing is for sure, that the interviewer would surely have a decent knowledge about Java and would also like to know how much familiar you are with the working platform.

Java is the dominant working platform in every second IT company. Why? Because it is easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to implement. If you are proficient in java then would prove to be an asset for any company you work for and that is enough for any company to hire you. A java technical interview is not about testing the high-level Java knowledge; it is only the test of the basics. If you have your java basics all figured out then a set of tough java questions would seem the easiest of the lot.

A java technical interview can consist of core java questions, advanced java questions or both. The trend is to first put up the core java interview questions and if the candidate fairs well then put up some advance java interview questions.

There are certain web portals these days which let you take mock java skill tests. These tests can have a series of java interview questions, javascript interview questions, java programming interview questions, etc. These portals also have a huge collection of core java interview questions and answer so that you can know where you went wrong and work on your mistakes.

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