Want to be a Machine Learning Engineer in AMAZON? Develop these Skills!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 9, 2019 | 7584 Views

Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer in a top company like AMAZON is a dream of every Machine learner. The e-commerce company, Amazon is one of the top companies worldwide and has its reputation globally, which is also why professionals want to be a part of it. While it seems hard to crack interviews at amazon, with the right set of skills one can easily land up as a machine learning engineer in the company. The need is-" developing the right set of skills." But how would you get to know what the company is looking for in the potential candidates? Well, you can do it after searching over different job sites or simply looking at the website of Amazon. But you do not need to worry if you don'y have time to access all these stuff and get some useful points about the requisite skills because I ave done it for you. After researching over the company's website and different job portals I have landed here with some of the most asked skill in the job description of a Machine Learning Engineer. Just Check it out in the following bullet points.

  • Educational Background
M.tech in Computer Science, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Operational Research or Statistics are some of the qualifications that the company has mentioned on it website. For candidates who are PhD, good news for them- they are strongly preferred by the company.

  • Programming Language
If you are having good skills in any of the programming language like Java, c++, Scala or Python than kudos to you, because the company has mentioned the skills of these Programming Language in the job description.
I would suggest you to take crash courses in Python and c++ today. There are a lot of online courses available online and also a handful of good books easily available in the market.

  • The role demands a solid background in Algorithms and data structures.

  • Machine Learning Techniques
You should have a strong background in various Machine Learning Techniques including deep learning, clustering, decision tree, classification, regression  and neural networks. Because you are going to be a Machine Learning engineer in a high tech company, various ML techniques must be known by you as the role demands a great usage of them.
With regards to the different concepts in Machine Learning you can refer to a bunch of online courses provided by the platforms like Udacity, Coursera, EDX, Kaggle or the famous Andrew Ng courses.

  • Yes, you need to have excellent communication skills.  You just can't rely on your professional degree and technical skills.

  • The role demands designing solution architectures of various applications which are using Machine Learning models.

  • How could you leave Amazon AWS when it is the successful cloud service provided by Amazon only. Becoming a part of the company, you should have the familiarity of AWS. The role could also demand deploying applications related to AWS cloud.

  • Last but not the least, you should have some prior experience related to Machine Learning in terms of deploying ML applications or NLP.

The role of a Machine learning Engineer is vast and so not limited to the above points in the article. Yes, but it is sure that you will get some idea of what are the relevant areas you need to look on while aspiring to work for Amazon. It will give you some direction to move ahead, because it is always good to have a right direction than to move directionless.

Source: HOB