The 7 Habits of Successful Data Scientists

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 11, 2019 | 46161 Views

"What you do everyday = who you are"-I read this line long way back at starting of my career in Data Science. I realized the importance of the daily rituals that we follow everyday, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.In that realization phase I came across on of the best books on self mastery - "The 7 habits of highly effective people". Written by Stephen R. Covey the book elaborates the 7 habits of the highly effective people on the planet. While I was reading the book and gaining the million dollar idea to be the most effective person, the book also gave me a deep insight of using those million dollar ideas presented so beautifully in the book to successfully start my career as a Data Scientist. Today I have come here with this article to share those meaningful insights (because you are a data scientist and I suppose insights must be your favorite term) to help you becoming the most out of you, to help you become a successful data Scientist. I have presented before you those 7 habits in the best way that you can use as a Data Scientist and bring out a positive change in your career. 

Note: If you are a beginner who is aspiring to become a Data Scientist or even an experienced who is already into the field, this article is going to be very helpful to you. So, read it till the end.

Habit 1. Be Proactive
 Develop a Proactive approach in solving your big data-sets problem today.  Predict your business challenges before they actually arrives and come out with the most effective solutions for them. You are not a Data Analyst analyzing the patterns, you are the one who should be able to predict and forecast the future threats and challenges as well. Work on your analytical, reasoning and critical thinking skills from today to develop the first habit of being proactive to the business challenges you face as a Data Scientist.

Habit 2. Begin with the end in mind
Have a clear vision of the end result in your mind of what you want to achieve. There are any responsibilities your role demands from you. Start seeing your top priorities today and do not get entangled in working on projects which are useless for your organization. Make a complete list of what your organization or your business demands from you as a Data Scientist and set your priorities accordingly.

Habit 3: Put first things first
Priority is the main thing you do as a Data Scientist. Fixing your priorities helps your company to work on the major areas to achieve massive growth. Also, it give a personal satisfaction to you when your main tasks are completed in stipulated time. Employees working a Data Scientist often finds hard to manage their professional lives. But by putting your first things first you concentrate your energy working on the bigger and important projects. 

Habit 4: Think win- win
A Data Scientist is always a person with a win win approach.If he is not having a win win approach than he is not a Data Scientist. This is the most important habit that a beginner in Data Science should develop or anyone who has recently got a big failure in his interview. We often get rejected in our interview at big companies as Data Scientist, often our predictions go wrong and often we get failed to complete our target. But a Successful Data Scientist is one who has already win over his mind and has a positive outlook towards life. He knows failures are a part of work. They don't make him lose but "enable him to learn new everyday" and a Data Scientist loves to learn new things and new technologies everyday. 

Habit 5: Seek first to understand and than to be understood
How was your last presentation before your audience (your audience can be your technical team, stakeholders or anyone before which you present your insights)? Were you able to explain your insights clearly to your audience? Were your visualizations appealing to the audience before you? If your answer to any of these questions is 'No', than you must develop this 5th habit of understanding others ( in this case your targeted audience or your business partners) than to be understood first.

Bullet points-
Understand the level of your audience. Your audience is not as technical as you. They can also be from a non technical background. Make your visualizations and presentation in a way that it can be understood even by a person from a completely different background. Use effective visualization and have the simple choice of the words to explain your audience the required information you want to deliver. Try to know the mindset of your audience.

Habit 6: Synergize
Great things generally happen when people work together. If you are someone who has always been comfortable working alone than it is the time you must change your habit. You must learn to work in teams. As a Data Scientist you role demands working and interacting a lot with other people to share ideas and information. You cannot just sit and spend your life working alone. Develop the habit of working successfully with your peers and colleagues today and start exploring the amazing results of synergizing. I found this habit very useful for any Data Scientist working anywhere.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw
This is the most and the most important habit that you should develop as a Data Scientist. This one habit helped me a lot working as a Data Scientist when I realized why my efforts are going waste in spite giving a lot of time to work- Because, I was not sharpening my saw. Often people enter in Data Science with the superficial knowledge and lacks the deep understanding of the field. As a Data Scientist you must have mastery over your technical skills like Statistics, Mathematics, Programming, Data Visualization, Latest software like Apache Hadoop, Spark etc and anything that has relevance in Data Science. Please do not enter the field with the incomplete skills. Take time and sharpen your saw for Data Science.

I hope the above article helped you. It helped me though, indeed.
All the best for your future in Data Science! Good Luck!

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