Which Global Cities are entertaining Data Scientist with a Good Salary Pay?

By ridhigrg |Email | May 20, 2019 | 7587 Views

Today the concept of data science is much clear than ever before. The jobs seem to be more promising and safe, opportunities are available in multiple industries and A data scientists can easily work in remote areas as well and even can work as a self-employed person. Here this article will take you with the view of some cities which will entertain you with the highest pay packages as a role of a data scientist.

Many industries across the globe keep on diversifying on a daily basis. Technology is reaching new heights and nowadays the majority of the people have access to the internet connection which is more faster than ever before. And no one can deny the fact that Big Data and Data Analytics have started gaining popularity and there is no sign of backing up. Companies are paying higher salaries just because the demand is very high.

Some popular cities across the globe offering the leading opportunities for the position of a data scientist:

San Jose, California-
It would be a dream come true, working in a Silicon Valley. Any tech enthusiasts would feel mesmerizing in working there, it would be an emerging hotspot for data scientists all across the globe. It is the headquarter and the main office of most of the American tech corporation as it offers multiple job opportunities and higher salary packages. If you will see the salary of a chief data scientist it is estimated to be $132355 p.a.

Bengaluru, India-
The other city is Bengaluru where you will see that analytics market is very high and assumed to be the best in the country, with the state govt, startups of analytics and tech people contributing substantially for the sector's development. If we see the average salary is almost estimated to be Rs. 12 Lakh per annum. 

Lexington Park, The United States-
So its the leading state in the country, When we see in term of job creation and opportunities in STEM fields it is considered to be the best one. It is mainly known for its thriving community as the salary of a data scientist here is estimated at $97656. 

Geneva, Switzerland-
The Costliest city is known to be Geneva If you are able to go to this city with a job of Data Scientist. The salary of a researcher starts with 180000 Swiss Fr, and a data scientist with higher position can earn 2lakh Swiss Fr with an extra bonus which is of 9650-18000 Swiss Fr. 

London, United Kingdom-
If you are planning to work here, its the top destination which offers you with the jobs with high salary. UK government seems to rely on technologies day in day out due to which certain opportunities in the field has gone substantially high. 

So where are you planning to move?

Source: HOB