Some Data Analytics programs which are affordable for every company

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In this digital age, it has become easier to access data that would allow you to optimize your business performance. By having this information at your fingertips, you can make smarter decisions, keep up with business trends, and even find ways to further improve your overall operations.

The only problem now is that collecting and processing such data can take up a huge chunk of your productive hours. To accelerate the process, you will have to use data analytics programs. These solutions use AI and advanced algorithms so that you can transform raw data into valuable insights in just a few clicks of a button.

Handling data from collection to visualization is a challenge in itself, even more so as it the amount of data you process grows. Furthermore, a scalable system is a requirement as data grows in volume each day, hence, you'd want to have an application equipped with the architecture and technology that can support your data analytics processes.

It is noted in the survey that more than 16,000 data professionals from 171 countries and territories revealed the challenges they encountered in the field. Respondents were asked to choose all factors that apply to the difficulties they faced.

On the first spot is dirty data which is voted by 36% of respondents. Next comes the lack of data science talent (30%), company politics (27%), not having clear questions (22%), inaccessible data (22%), and results not used by decision makers (18%).

There are also problems with the difficulty of explaining data to others with 16% and privacy issues with 14%. Meanwhile, 13% of data professionals revealed their small organization can't afford to have a data science team.

These issues call for the importance of maximizing the capabilities of technology doing so much more beyond recognizing your organization's bottlenecks. Today's data analytics tools are easier to use and more affordable for all sizes of companies. This is vital, especially when considering the value it can bring to your organization.

Of course, it's not new for companies trying to be data-driven in their decision-making processes. According to a report by NVP, 85% of companies are transitioning to become more data-driven. However, only 37% of them become successful.

To ensure effective implementation, one of the first things to prioritize is choosing the right data analytics software. A good place to start is getting to know the leading products in the niche by checking out the best data analytics software. This way you can further assess exactly how you can leverage analytics to refine your workflows and boost your products and services.

Sisense is a robust data analytics software that brings analytics not just to data scientists, but to all business users as well. It simplifies business data analytics even to non-technical users through its set of tools and features. Insights are extracted instantly by any user using self-service analytics without hard coding and aggregating modeling. Some of its top features that enable you to do so include its personalized dashboards, interactive visualizations, and analytical capabilities.

Its dashboard is one of its top features that enable you to filter, explore, and mine data in just a few clicks to get instant answers to your questions. With its in-chip technology, data analytics can be performed faster with richer insights. Furthermore, it provides you with advanced analytics through an improved, advanced BI reporting and predictive analytics by integrating R functions in your formulas.

It is best to test the features and functionalities of the tool first so that you'll know if it matches your requirements. To do so, you may sign up for Sisense free demo here.

2. Looker
Looker is a data analytics platform that allows anyone to ask sophisticated questions using familiar business terms. It delivers data directly to the tools and applications used by your team, including custom ones.

In simple terms, the platform gathers and extracts data from various sources and then loads it into an SQL database. From there, it undergoes the platform's agile modeling layer for custom business logic and, finally, makes it available for all users through dashboards, shared insights, and explorations.

As a browser-based solution, data is conveniently accessible in your existing systems and easily shareable to everyone in your team. Exporting can also be done both locally and directly to platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

If you are interested to know this solution's features better, you may sign up for Looker free demo here.

3.Zoho Analytics
Formerly Zoho Reports, business data analytics platform Zoho Analytics hosts different components, including KPI widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components, allowing it to generate reports that offer very useful insights. The system promotes collaborative review and analysis, allowing users to work with colleagues on report development and decision-making. What's good about the system is that businesses can embed just about any report or dashboard in their blogs, websites, and apps. The system even has state-of-the-art security practices that include connection encryption. It can also be used by ISVs and developers the solution in the building and integration of analytical and reporting functionalities into their systems.

To check if this product is ideal for your business, you can sign up for Zoho Analytics free trial here and test drive its features at no cost.

4. Yellowfin Dashboard
Yellowfin is an end-to-end business intelligence solution created to help companies make better sense of their data. Equipped with comprehensive analytics features, market-leading collaboration tools, and machine learning capabilities, this is great for getting actionable insights from your company's performance. It allows you to get data-driven predictions that can be used to make smarter business decisions. The software even has multiple data visualization options so you can present your data however you prefer.

Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, Yellowfin also comes with a web API that lets it integrate with a wide variety of business systems, add-ons, and widgets. This means you can easily extend its functionalities depending on the changing needs of your business or merge it with your existing software solutions to streamline your workflow.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the Yellowfin free trial here.

5. Domo Dashboard
Domo is a data analytics solution that aims to provide a digitally connected environment for your data, people, and systems. Your business' data is put into work for all employees in your organization through real-time data refresh and drag-and-drop data preparation capabilities. Furthermore, partners outside of your organization also get to engage with your data to increase productivity and the ability to act on them.

Using a holistic view in your system, you can make more informed actions with the tool's 7 platform components working together. You are notified with predictive alerts to bring crucial matters and issues into your attention with enough time before they make an impact on your organization.

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