Climbing a ladder with the basics of Tableau

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 15, 2019 | 10164 Views

Tableau Training For Beginners Part - 1

This Tableau training for beginners video will help you understand what is business intelligence why we need business intelligence, what are the various business intelligence tools, what is Tableau, why Tableau, how to install Tableau and along with that you will also see how to get started with Tableau and it features such as worksheets, dashboards, hierarchy, calculated fields, parameters, sets, and charts. Business intelligence tools are designed to make the data flow manageable, allowing organizations to turn structures or unstructured data into something actionable and insightful for their business and Tableau is one such business intelligence tool and it has been a leader in the magic quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms. Now let us get started and understand more about tableau.

Tableau - Introduction
A small introduction to Tableau, how it works and what are its features. 

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