Basics of Deep Learning with open source Apache Tools

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 25, 2019 | 7044 Views

This video will give you multiple examples of Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache MXNet, Apache OpenNLP, Apache NiFi and Apache Spark for deep learning applications.

In this video you will walk through using Apache NXNet Pre-Built Models, MXNet's New Model Server with Apache NiFi, executing MXNet with Apache NiFi and running Apache MXNet on edge nodes utilizing Python and Apache MiniFi.

This talk is geared towards Data Engineers interested in the basics of Deep Learning with open source Apache tools in a Big Data environment. You will also walk through source code examples available on GitHub and run the code live on an Apache Hadoop / YARN / Apache Spark cluster.

This will be an introduction to executing Deep Learning Pipelines in an Apache Big Data environment.

Source: HOB