Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chatbot Amara is launched by HireXP

By ridhigrg |Email | Aug 2, 2019 | 6561 Views

HireXP, a new age HR technology company, is set to launch Amara - an embodied conversational chatbot on Thursday. 

Amara is a smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled bot who is equipped to chat with employees at different milestones in their lifecycle and with candidates at various critical touchpoints in their decision journey to predict those who are highly disengaged and are facing an attrition risk, the company said in a press statement. 

After a successful soft launch in the last quarter, over 25,000 users are already embracing the chatbot across multiple locations such as the US, Dubai, Philippines, Singapore, and India, the statement said. Amara is now ready to hit the ground officially. 

"Candidate experience and employee engagement are of utmost priority in the current war for talent and Amara can help the CHROs to give a world-class experience to both current and potential employees by doing a continuous pulse check and taking corrective actions for the right people at the right time," said Vikas Kakkar, founder and CEO, HireXP. 

Amara is highly customizable to meet the specific objectives of HR and TA professionals and is also capable to scale horizontally to handle thousands of users and chat sessions per day while providing the fastest response time. She has inbuilt capabilities like sentiment analysis and natural language processing which can be trusted to analyze responses received from employees or candidates to predict the overall engagement and experience with the company. 

Amara can be integrated with the company's internal systems and can be launched across multiple channels like WhatsApp, Slack, Trello, SMS and many more, the company's statement said. She can also help companies to further deep dive into specific problem areas by launching ad-hoc campaigns at any given point of time. 

Marina Zolotoverkh, co-founder & head of operations, HireXP, thrilled with the product launch stated, "With Amara, we are giving them the power to CHROs to have human-like interactions with employees and candidates at any given point of time without much of human intervention." 

Source: HOB