Where can you start learning Data Science?

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Professional Certificate in Foundations of Data Science
University of California, Berkeley
What you will learn
  • How to think critically about data and draw robust conclusions based on incomplete information.
  • Computational thinking and skills, including the Python 3 programming language for visualizing and analyzing data.
  • How to make predictions based on machine learning.
  • How to interpret and communicate data and results using a vast array of real-world examples.

MicroMasters Program in Data Science
The University of California, San Diego
What you will learn
  • How to load and clean real-world data
  • How to make reliable statistical inferences from noisy data
  • How to use machine learning to learn models for data
  • How to visualize complex data
  • How to use Apache Spark to analyze data that does not fit within the memory of a single computer

Professional Certificate in Data Science
Harvard University
What you will learn
  • Fundamental R programming skills
  • Statistical concepts such as probability, inference, and modeling and how to apply them in practice
  • Gain experience with the tidyverse, including data visualization with ggplot2 and data wrangling with dplyr
  • Become familiar with essential tools for practicing data scientists such as Unix/Linux, git and GitHub, and RStudio
  • Implement machine learning algorithms
  • In-depth knowledge of fundamental data science concepts through motivating real-world case studies

Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science
By Microsoft
You'll Learn To
  • Use Microsoft Excel to explore data
  • Use Transact-SQL to query a relational database
  • Create data models and visualize data using Excel or Power BI
  • Apply statistical methods to data
  • Use R or Python to explore and transform data
  • Follow a data science methodology
  • Create and validate machine learning models with Azure Machine Learning
  • Write R or Python code to build machine learning models
  • Apply data science techniques to common scenarios
  • Implement a machine learning solution for a given data problem

Professional Certificate in Python Data Science
What you will learn
  • Understand Python language basics and apply to data science
  • Practice iterative data science using Jupyter notebooks on IBM Cloud
  • Analyze data using Python libraries like pandas and Numpy
  • Create stunning data visualizations with Matplotlib, folium and seaborn
  • Build machine learning models using scipy and sci-kit learn
  • Demonstrate proficiency in solving real-life data science problems

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