How did Python Programming Language reach a peak in every single observation of Learning

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Python Programming Language is in high demand and has multiple opportunities too for every python developer.  As we can see that only 10 professionals were recruited for both java and python projects. Count for resumes is more than expected for Java. About a hundred good resumes flooded in for Java, but they had to go through a long process to filter out good candidates, with Python, they had no choice to take those 8 candidates.

Not very long ago, one of India's unicorn software companies faced a dilemma. It had won a $200 million contract with a large US bank to develop an app store for them. But the company lacked enough dexterous Python Programmers. Python was the best language for the project, it ended up paying thrice the billing amount to a group of freelance Python programmers in the US instead.

Job boards like Indeed & Naukri offer around 20,000 to 50,000 job listings for Python & this shows that Python career opportunities in India are high. Python careers are good to go with.

Python in high demand as a programming language for Data Science
Python Programming language is winning the hearts of a large number of developers worldwide. It's learning facility is attracting new developers to learn the Python programming language. There are many algorithms involved in Artificial Intelligence. The ease of testing provided by Python makes it one of the best Programming languages among competitors. Python contains many libraries that you need for Artificial Intelligence. Some other libraries such as AIMA & Norvig can be used for the implementation of algorithms in AI. All these libraries save developers time. With Python as the data science tool, exploring the basics of ML becomes easy & effective.

Python Benefits for Web Developers
Python offers a multitude of choices for web developers. This includes dynamic frameworks like Django and Pyramid, which help developers create faster and cleaner code. Python programming is an ideal language for web development.

Python Benefits for Software Developers
Software developers utilize Python programming in a number of ways. This includes using Python as a support language, build manager and software tester. Python provides a host of benefits for software developers.

Top Organizations Using Python

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