Here are the most Famous RPA Tools and their Analogy

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In any organization, there are a lot of tasks which are repetitive and time-consuming in nature. While doing these type of tasks, there is always a huge possibility for error occurs because of repetition.

Hence, in order to avoid these errors and save time, a lot of RPA Software is available in the market. 

Daily tasks which are performed on the software by employees are automated using the bot. The software which uses the bot for performing this automation is called the RPA software. A bot is nothing but an infected computer with malicious software.

Given below is a list and comparison of the most popular RPA tools.
#1) Blue Prism
Description: Blue Prism RPA provides all core capabilities.
It can work on any platform with any application. For using this tool you should have programming skills but it is user-friendly for developers. This tool is perfect for medium and large organizations.
  • It supports multi-environment deployment model.
  • Security provided for network and software credentials.
  • It can be used on any platform.
  • Can work for any application.
  • High-speed execution.
  • Platform independence.
  • You should have programming skills.
  • High price.

#2) Inflectra Rapise 
Description: Rapise provides support for hybrid business scenarios. It can automate Web, Desktop and Mobile applications. It is friendly both for programmers and non-developers. Rapise is an on-premise solution.
This tool is perfect for small and medium organizations.

  • Supports automation projects of any size
  • Record and play functionality
  • Web & desktop automation; Web and screen scraping
  • REST and SOAP calls and email processing (Gmail, Office 365, private mail servers)
  • Provides an open platform for enhancements and integration
  • Provides special support for Microsoft Dynamics applications.

  • Non-developer friendly
  • Backed up with training and certifications.
  • Fast execution.
  • Windows-only platform

#3) UiPath
Description: UiPath provides all core capabilities. It provides support for Citrix. It is user-friendly for non-developers too. It can handle complex processes. And this tool is perfect for any size of business.

  • It provides security by managing credentials, providing encryption and access controls based on the role.
  • It can automate faster. Eight to ten times faster automation through Citrix too.
  • Provides an open platform.
  • It can handle any process, in any number, irrespective of its complexity.
  • No programming skills required.
  • Ease of use through drag and drop facility.
  • Provides good features, free of cost.
  • Limited coding functionality.

#4) Automation Anywhere
Description: Automation Anywhere provides all core capabilities. It provides on-premise and cloud services. This user-friendly tool is perfect for medium and large organizations.

  • Provides Bank-grade security.
  • Provides security through authentication, encryption, and credentials.
  • Real-time reports and analytics.
  • Provides platform independence.
  • User-friendliness.
  • IQBot needs improvement.

#5) Pega
Description: Pega is a Business Process Management tool. It can be used on desktop servers. It provides only cloud-based solutions or services. It can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This tool is perfect for medium and large businesses.

  • It will help you in the deployment of your solutions to the customers.
  • It provides a cloud-based solution.
  • It doesn't store any execution data in a database, rather everything gets stored in the memory.
  • With this tool, you can distribute the work to desktop, server, and employees as well.
  • Because of the event-driven approach, it works faster.
  • It is a robust and reliable tool.
  • There is no on-premise solution.

#6) Contextor
Description: This tool is perfect for any size front offices. It provides on-premise and cloud services. It provides support for Citrix. It works for all workstation applications.

  • Contextor can communicate with the active applications as well as with the applications that are minimized.
  • It can communicate with all workstation applications in parallel.
  • It supports Citrix and RDP hybrid virtualization environment.
  • It provides reports and analytics.
  • It works fast.
  • It can be easily integrated with AI.
It only supports the Windows operating system.

#7) Nice Systems
Description: Nice RPA tool is named as NEVA-Nice Employee Virtual Attendant. It is a smart tool and helps the employees in repetitive tasks.

  • It provides attended and unattended server automation.
  • It will help you in automating mundane tasks, Compliance adherence and Up-sell.
  • This system is made for employees from the back offices, Finance, HR, etc.
  • It provides cloud-based and on-premise solutions.
  • Provides advanced analytics.

Source: HOB