Top Bootcamps and Best Data Science Companies in India

By ridhigrg |Email | Aug 9, 2019 | 9252 Views

Data Science is one of the career paths that we've seen the Bootcamp model successfully applied to over the past couple of years. There are a few differences between the data science options out there.

There are two types of data science accelerated learning programs, and would be categorized here as Fellowships and Bootcamps.

Bootcamps follow the traditional immersive Bootcamp model. These are generally three-month, intensive, full-time programs that take beginners, put them through a curriculum that focuses on some coding, data analysis, visualization, etc. There is some lecture, but it's largely project-based. At the end of the Bootcamp, graduates are connected with employers and hopefully get hired as data scientists. At a data science Bootcamp, most students have some programming experience, but a Ph.D. is generally not required. Here are examples of these:
  • Zipfian Academy/Galvanize (SF)
  • Metis (New York)
  • Athena Tech Academy (San Diego)
  • Bit Bootcamp (New Jersey)
  • Data Science Dojo (Silicon Valley/Seattle)
  • General Assembly (many locations)
  • NYC Data Science Academy (NYC)
  • Level Academy (teaches Data Analytics)
  • BrainStation (NYC)
  • Flatiron School (Online, Atlanta)

Fellowships are a bit different, but a very cool model in the world of data science programs. These are generally 6-8 week programs intended for Ph.D. students/grads looking to transition out of academia and into a corporate environment. They are generally free to the student (some even offer a stipend) and these boot camps generate revenue through placement fees. Here are a couple of examples:
  • Insight (Silicon Valley/New York)
  • Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School (NYC)
  • Science to Data Science (UK)
  • The Data Incubator (NY/SF)

Here are the best data science companies in India:
There are companies which leverage analytics and data science as a means to arrive at a solution for a business problem or to generate business insights for other firms and organizations. And then there are companies which leverage analytics for their own growth and development. There are so many starts up firms which are doing well in the field of data science. There are MNCs which have renowned analytic divisions. But to answer your question, some of the best companies in terms of data science usage and analytic muscle with a presence in India are:

The above-listed companies are in no particular order. They are companies which have a solid reputation for leveraging analytics and data sciences for the betterment of their own organization as well as for the provision of solutions and insights to clients. So in simple words, they use data sciences for themselves and clients. This is refrained from including start-up firms and many other companies which are doing quite well since you asked for the best. 

Source: HOB