How the Education Sector is getting flourished through Chatbot?

By ridhigrg |Email | Oct 7, 2019 | 7857 Views

Best University Search
Are you looking for the best university? Isn't it difficult? NO.
Students can easily search the best university of their choice through a Bot. Chatbot comes up with an interactive presentation that creates a visitor's interest. It also provides multiple reviews and able to answer some questions related to scholarship, academics, fee structure, campus services, and various departments and courses. It eases the searching process and also improves the effectiveness of universities website.

Admission process
Don't you struggle in contacting many universities while enrolling for an admission? Will the student get an accessible point of contact for their queries? Yes, Chatbot helps to optimize the university website in a way that is simpler for the students to access. At the time of admission, students are buzzing with multiple questions related to fees, courses, and accommodation and many more which requires a lot of time and effort. In this case, half of the students move on to some other universities, which show a lack of presence of admission staff on the website.
A chatbot is a solution to this problem. Through a bot, you can easily provide students with automated responses to some common questions without any delays. It not only makes the student feel interested but also retains the attention and interest of the potential students. Deploying a Bot can make your university more advanced and future-ready.

Recruitment Process
This process is quite lengthy and time-consuming. Do we have any solution to ease it out? A chatbot will help you in engaging with the end number of students simultaneously in real-time and give instant responses to every student. Is there a way to never miss a top talent? Yes. A bot helps to engage with potential students online and answer their queries regarding campus recruitment, scholarships, and enrollment. 

Efficient teaching assistants
Students are always struggling for getting clear information about some topic which isn't available online. Why students are not provided with proper teaching advisors? It's just because faculties also need some optimization which can minimize their daily tasks. Bots will help them to avoid repetitive queries and give more impact on the quality of education provided to the students.
Teaching assistants can provide the students with instant answers to their queries like course modules, lesson plans, assignments, and deadlines. It can easily identify the need of the student and recommend the best learning material as per their demand.

Class Scheduling
Students often fail to attend classes on time. Is it so? Yes, just because they are not provided with the proper scheduling. To improve learning, there should be stability in attending the classes. Will it be easily enhanced? The Chabot will assist you with scheduling the classes for students as per their availability. Through this students can plan their future schedules as per their preferences.

Online study material
Isn't it too difficult to find the online study material? When it comes to improving the experience of the student, deploying a Bot is the strongest way to enhance learning. Students are often depressed when exams are near and they find it difficult to prepare. A bot can easily be a source of easy learning as it provides you with videos, lectures and study material in a collective form which would be an additional benefit for a student at the last moment.
Bot identifies the queries and helps the user with the right answer on an instant basis. It's just like a faster way of learning, you will be easily provided with the study material and test assignments which will ease out in monitoring the performance of the student.

Student's feedback
Willing to improve your learning process? Need recommendations? Student's feedback is a must. It helps the teacher to perform according to their capability. The learning process becomes more interactive and enjoying for both students as well as teachers. Through Bot you can make the feedback process more appealing and authentic. The chat process becomes more interesting for the students and they can answer freely to every question.

Help desk
Every student expects to know or get everything instantly; it would be about an admission process, courses, fee details, etc. While searching for any university, students usually check the online portal and try to know everything then and there. But, the universities often fail to fulfill the demand of students. For this, Bot will help students to participate in the chat and provide them with the necessary information. It not only improves the communicating process but provides the students with complete information in real-time. For the proper growth of the university, 360-degree information should be provided to the students.

Source: HOB