I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First. ...

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I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First.

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Could your job be taken over by Artificial Intelligence?

By satyamkapoor |Email | Dec 15, 2017 | 27336 Views

People shrink with fear over the thought of self-aware Artificial Intelligence entities. The Pop Culture is filled with references to AI overlords, murderous robots   & melodramatic software programs. While such things are a long way to go, the possibility of AI replacing humans in many roles is becoming very real as time passes by.

There is heavy focus on innovation in this area & economies around the world are trying to become more agile, mobile & future-ready. AI is already main-stream and is having broad implications for most major sectors. Today, we don't need human intervention to predict human behavior. We have AI enabled phones, cars, toys & the ability to create customized experiences for humans. Computers can now learn by trial and error with the help of AI.

Companies around the world are looking to deliver products that offer more for less & there are major layoffs taking place across Indian & global IT sectors. Larger organizations are opting for startups that can scale effectively with the aim to reduce the cost-heavy employee base. Even senior executives are running around to remain abreast with the changes in their respective industries. AI is the dominant force behind this change & evolution with its capability of replacing humans in variety of areas. The transformation has already begun but not all jobs are at risk. We need to delve deeper and figure out which roles are best suited for AI to handle & which oneâ??s are not.

The future is going to be Algorithmic
World Bank predicts that by 2021, some 40 percent jobs will get lost to AI & other technologies in India. A whopping 70 percent of jobs in India are already at risk of being replaced by automation in the coming decade or so.

In general IT companies tend to unionize & protect themselves, however they are sharply divided in their opinion about the impact of AI. Quite many of them fear the AI wave. Vishak Sikka, ex-CEO of Infosys said in March, If we sit still, there is absolutely no doubt that our jobs are going to be wiped out by AI. Sixty to 70 percent over the next 10 years or maybe less than 10 years of the jobs that we do today are going to be replaced by AI unless we continue to evolve ourselves.

There are many on the other hand, who believe that AI will in fact help create new jobs. Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, said, Clearly, there is an opportunity and it is unfair to say AI will take away jobs. I am so glad that these repetitive tasks that we call jobs will go away. Humans can now do things that they are always meant to do, which is to learn and do higher work.

L&T made headlines by laying off over 14,000 employees in the manufacturing space. This was the biggest layoff in the history of the company. L&T is facing increasing pressure from their customers who are looking for higher value for lesser cost. If the job a single employee can be done in 1/10ththe time, companies will obviously take advantage of it. R Shankar Raman, CTO of L&T said, â??The digitization and productivity enhancement initiatives taken by us boiled down to redundancies of roles.

The catch-word here is redundancy. AI is taking over and replacing humans in areas that are seen as redundant or skill-light but labor intensive. For instance, tasks of product line like assembling can be performed much fasted by AI & automation compared to humans.

Are you doomed to serve automation?
AI can quite possibly take over in all job fields & disrupt entire industries. Anand Rao, PWC head of AI & Data Analytics says, The human is still in the loop. Both humans and AI are learning, teaching each other. We will see more combination of man and machine in every sector.

What is happening is not an industry-wide flux. People are still trying to figure things out, and all those who innovate sufficiently in their respective domains need not fear. If someone is irreplaceable as an employee, no amount of AI will be able to take him/her over in their job. Having said that, change is slowly and inexorably coming.

No matter how creative the job may be, if the human element is not consistently working to innovate & improve, they are not safe from AI. With advances in technology, AI will be able to read consumers thoughts from their micro-expressions, create art, film & TV shows that are increasingly human like or perhaps even better. They may even start to take on crucial tasks in areas as critical as governance.

The world is increasingly becoming powered by synthetic minds and it important for humans to do their part to stay relevant. If we are able to make ourselves indispensable by improving our skills & abilities, we can be reasonably assured that our employer will choose us over an algorithm.  

Source: HOB Team