7 of the best chatbot building plaftorms out there

Dec 29, 2017 | 6225 Views

There has been an unprecedented hype about chatbots in 2017 thanks to Facebook�¢??s decision to integrate chatbots into its Messenger and Microsoft's bot Tay.
Chatbots make us feel like we are seeing the future now. It may seem like a big thing, but to build a chatbot does not require a team of developers. In fact, with the help of some chatbot generator platforms, you can build one for yourself without needing any complex programming skills.

Flox XO
Flow is a UK based chatbot company that provides a platform using which one can easily build a chatbot for Facebook, Slack, SMS, Telegram etc. It has over 100 integrations with other systems  businesses. One can build a bot without needing any coding knowledge

The Bot Platform
CMS of this platform allows users to build, test, deploy and track multiple chatbots on both FB Workplace & Messenger. It is being used by brands like BBC, Sony Music & Showtime. No coding knowledge required. There is a marketing automation system in the platform that helps the bots segments users based on their interaction with the bot. There is support for Google analytics integration also. 

Most ideal for those lacking programming experience, this platform does all the hardwork for users. 
Brands like MTV, TechCrunch, Buzzfeed, Adidas & others are using Chatfuel to create their bots along with 20,000 other users spread across the globe. The user interface slick, intuitive & it is very easy to create a bot within 15 minutes.

Surbo is a chatbot generator platform that provides enterprise grade chatbots. The platform has state of the art NLP engine, multi-lingual support, OTP authentication & many other features. It can be integrated with most of the leading platforms like FB Messenger, Zendesk, Skype, Slack & others. A perfect choice for brands looking for end to end chatbot solutions. 

Engati is chatbot platform that helps users build, manage, integrate, train, analyze & publish chatbots. They claim to achieve this within just 10 minutes. They currently support 8 major platforms such as Kik, Telegram, Skype, Messenger & others.

This is another code-free option that supports Stripe & Paypal integration and also has ecommerce services like Magento & OpenCard. It is an enterprise chatbot builder platform that offers in-depth analytics of bots' performance and the transactions that place during the dialogue. 

Launched in 2011, ChatScript is a chatbot platform that has won the Loebner Prize for being the most human-like example of Artificial Intelligence four times. Developers can use its open source framework to build and deploy chatbots. 

Source: HOB Team