Accenture Open House: AI, Data Science & Big Data

Jan 4, 2018 | 2058 Views

Accenture hosted an AI, Data Science & Big Data Open House at The Dock to showcase the data and analytics work it does, and open up a discussion about the challenges it faces in finding data-driven solutions.

At Accenture's AI, Data Science & Big Data Open House event in October 2017, discussion on these terms dispensed with futuristic dreamscapes in favour of real and everyday applications.

Paul Pierotti, head of Accenture Analytics, introduced a panel that has been working with data analytics for years: Oonagh O'Shea, senior manager at Accenture Digital; Diarmuid Cahalane, lead research scientist at The Dock; Anne Sloman, analytics manager at Accenture; and Mina Dashti, an analytics manager at The Dock.

The panel shared practical advice for solving problems with data and gave us key takeaways from the discussion.

Source: Silicon Republic