Girls sulk to log on to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Jan 4, 2018 | 1707 Views

While a number of men opted for 10-year AI/ML courses, women were more inclined to go in for shorter 1-3 year courses.

The number of women techies in Hyderabad opting for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) courses is lower than males, says a report by IIIT Hyderabad in association with TalentSprint.

While a number of men opted for 10-year AI/ML courses, women were more inclined to go in for shorter 1-3 year courses. The figures indicate that there is need to sensitise women about skill enhancement and incentivise them to learn technologies like AL/ML. Many jobs available today will cease to exist in the next five years, according to a NASSCOM report. There is a dire need to acquire new expertise in disruptive technologies as companies are targeting mid-level techies who posses at least some of these skills. 

The IIIT report also stresses on this stating that there is a significant interest among techies in Hyderabad with 5-10 years and 10-plus years' experience to equip themselves with AI/ML. 

Dr P.J. Narayanan, director of IIIT-Hyderabad, said on Thursday, "The IT industry is seeing an unprecedented churn which was not anticipated earlier. As the industry faces renewed challenges, we need to create an ecosystem to promote and propagate new disruptive technologies such as AI/ML which are set to take centre-stage in the next five years." 

The survey insights are based on the interest in AI/ML among working professionals with a sample size of 2,000 from across various sectors in Hyderabad. Additionally, a lot of start-ups showed interest in learning AI/ML which may indicate that that ecosystem was contributing aggressively to the adoption of technologies compared to the bigger companies.

To bridge the gap between knowledge of AI/ML and the real-time need, the IIIT recently launched the ??Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program' in association with TalentSprint. About 400 professionals will be trained in two batches with 150 hours of learning. 

  • More male professionals with over five years experience eager to learn AI/ML than women.
  • A large number of professionals (41% applicants) with Masters is keen on learning disruptive technologies.
  • Professionals in the age group of 26-35 most keen to learn the new technologies.
  • Active interest from professionals higher in start-ups and small companies (44% applicants) 

Battle of brains
  • 65-70% women who take a career break do not return to work in India
  • A returnee programme is way for women to return to workforce after a period of unemployment
  • While IT companies in Hyderabad have a designated program for women to restart their career, returnee internships by some companies have become a powerful comeback strategy for women.
  • The staffing firms are doing their bit in providing a platform for women to intern and get jobs. With firms recognising the importance of diversity, they are also working towards  helping women.

Source: Deccan Chronicle