Highest paying IT jobs: Security Architects on top with Rs 19 lakh average income, cloud engineers in demand too

Jan 6, 2018 | 10827 Views

For all those who are searching for job,  year 2018 is going to be the year of the cloud, big data, cyber security, Cloud computing and mobile & software development. Simplilearn, a digital economy training company has curated a list of top tech jobs and skills for 2018 based on the course consumption pattern that the company has observed over the past six months.

According to the survey report, Cloud computing, software and mobile development, Big Data sector and cyber security will be the top four jobs and skills in the year 2018. The report also predicts the average salary for these aforementioned in-demand top tech jobs. However, this is the median salary and not the entry-level. The report does not clarify the salary for the freshers.

Going by the survey report, here is the salary you can expect this year if you work in these top 4 sectors.

1. Cloud - Cloud computing already has and will continue to change traditional IT roles and functions for the coming few years. The work roles that will be in demand for this sector are Cloud Engineers, Cloud/Azure Architects, DevOps Engineers and Azure/ AWS Consultants.  The average salary for Cloud Engineers as given in the report is Rs 11,73,000.

2.  Mobile and Software Development - With new apps, products and tools getting released in the world every day, there will be an increase in job openings for Full Stack Web Developers with an average salary of Rs 8,50,000 and Automation Test Engineers with an average salary of Rs 5, 25,000.

3. Big data and analytics -  Big Data sector is expected to see an increased hiring with lucrative offers from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Jobs that will be in demand this year are Machine learning engineers with an average salary of Rs 12,82,000 and Data Scientists with an average salary of  Rs 8,47,000.

4. Cyber security - With increasing cases of cyber attacks in India and globally, there's a major shortage of skilled cyber security talent to spot vulnerabilities, fend attacks and respond to emergencies during cyber breaches. As per the survey report, enterprises across sectors are expected to hire Cyber Security Architects with an average salary of Rs 19,80,000, Information Security Managers with an average salary of Rs  10,90,000 and Security Auditors with an average salary of Rs 9,81,000.

Source: India Today