China ahead of U.S. in many areas of artificial intelligence says an AI firm

Jan 8, 2018 | 2850 Views

The two of the largest economies of the world, U.S. & China are leading the world when it comes to artificial intelligence. It is still not clear, which one out of these two is at the top. 
Daniel Tu, president & chief product  & platform officer at Gen. Life , a startup that has presence in both United States & China said "I think it's still early days. China probably leads on the retail end and consumer front, whereas the U.S. probably leads on autonomous driving for now". He made this statement at the UBS Greater China Conference in Shanghai. 

Gen. Life is a startup which makes use technologies like AI to measure risks & improve the pricing & distribution of insurance products. The firm which is one year old is being backed by major insurance firms such as American Family Insurance & AIA. 

Tu said that in terms of government support, China does have an edge. 
China's State Council in July 2017 set out a goal to expand A.I. into a $150 billion industry in the next few years and turn the country into an innovation center for A.I. by 2030, the South China Morning Post reported.

On the other hand, In U.S., academicians like MIT President L. Rafael Reif have espoused the cause of greater collective efforts  by the companies, government & society to lead the way. 

"There's a sense of urgency within the leading academic institutions in the United States about a lack of central, coherent policy by the central government, whereas in China, if you look at the recent State Council White Paper on A.I., it's clear China has a clear vision on how they would like to see this go," Tu said. "But I think it's still early days."

Source: HOB