Voice Tech: It's Google Vs Amazon at CES 2018

Jan 8, 2018 | 4140 Views

The battle to capture products driven by artificial intelligence is on.
This year at CES, which is perhaps the world's biggest electronics show, thousands of companies will showcase their products at Las Vegas. However, out of all the companies coming, Google stands out from the rest.
This will be for the first time that Google will have it's own large, standalone booth in the middle of the convention center. But Google has gone far beyond just buying space on the convention center. It has also commissioned several large advertisements around the city. In fact, one of them is so unique, you just can't miss it. 

The words "Hey Google" are currently plastered along the outside of the city's public transportation system which happens to shuttle thousands of attendees into the conference center throughout the week. This makes it clear, that Google wants people to interact with its voice operated devices and get used to them.
Although CES will begin on 9th January, there is still a lot that one can make out before the show begins. Artificial Intelligence is going to get integrated into our day to day lives and become a part of our everyday household items.
In future, Digital assistants are going to be built into everything that is platform agnostic. Your digital life across multiple rooms, appliances & devices will be connected together by artificial intelligence. 
For Google, CES 2018 will be a watershed moment, specially for its artificial intelligence products. It's is quite clear that lot of manufactures are going to roll out products that are built around the Google Assistant in the near future. Perhaps, many of these companies may also integrate with Amazon Alexa. However, it appears for now that Google may be able to regain back its position in this race even after having lost the first few rounds.   

Source: HOB