Chinese firm uses Artificial Intelligence to teach English

Jan 9, 2018 | 2073 Views

A Chinese startup named Liulisho has developed what it claims is the world's first artificial intelligence English teacher. The firm spent years in gathering data on Chinese people speaking English and them applied deep learning to create personalized English Courses that are powered by artificial intelligence. The courses were launched in 2016 and are available on the firm's mobile app. It boasts around 50 million registered users. 
CEO and Founder Yi Wang said that Artificial Intelligence driven teaching can triple learning efficiency. 
He also added that schools have long suffered from short supply of highly qualified teachers but now with the help of technology, AI, mobile and internet we are able to extract the best out of the best teachers. 
"We're seeing a tidal shift here," he added.
Wang who was a former Product Manager at Google said that Liulishuo will start moving on to other languages and it aims to build the most intelligent and efficient language teacher. 

Source: HOB