LG to use Deep Learning AI for designing its next products

Jan 9, 2018 | 162 Views

In a latest move LG announced that it is going to use an in-house developed deep learning based Artificial Intelligence in order to accelerate the development of its smart products. 
They call this technology DeepThinQ. This technology is capable of learning from the usage habits of customers. LG plans to use it to their advantage and improve the design of its upcoming products & services.
The upcoming set of devices powered by DeepThinkQ will be using AI functions such as video & sensor recognition, voice control & human body detection to be able to learn what customers watch or when they walk into a room. Eventually through the power of cloud they will be able identify customers, remember their preferences and allow customers to set settings to their liking once they enter the room.
You can imagine a scenario where your air conditioner will detect you once you enter a room and set itself to the temperature you like. This is not far-fetched by any means. It's already happening and very soon there will be products available in the market that are built around this concept. 

Source: HOB