I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First. ...

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I work at ValueFirst Digital Media Private Ltd. I am a Product Marketer in the Surbo Team. Surbo is Chatbot Generator Platform owned by Value First.

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By satyamkapoor |Email | Jan 11, 2018 | 10482 Views

At the beginning of the new year, every business owner has the future in his/her mind. There are host of activities right from sales projections to tax documentation that need to be initiated for the coming Q1 of 2018.

At the macro level, it is also important to pay attention to the emerging technological trends and align business plans with them. These trends will govern the direction in which the industry shifts. Here are the top 10:

1. Greater Reliance on Freelancers

Businesses today are learning to work with freelancers and this trend is only going to increase in the coming year. Today, people are hired based on their skill sets for a particular project and paid accordingly. 2018 will see more of such hiring taking place.

2. Blockchain will interrupt new industries

Blockchain has already made a big impact on the banking industry, and this year, it will make its way into new industries. Everything from procurement to legal management will be looking to blockchain to increase security throughout the entire customer experience. For business leaders like me, we'll need to keep our eyes on the horizon for opportunities to integrate new technology like this into our business processes. - Stan Garber, Scout RFP

3. Social Shopping

Social shopping seems to be on the rise. This holiday season will be a telling sign of the growth in this trend in 2018 and beyond. It will change how we think about selling products and services because it is a relatively newchannel that requires a different approach. There are challenges and opportunities to research, track and respond to. - Peter Daisyme, Calendar

4. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

We have been building applications for eight years. Recently, we've started to see demands from our clients to build apps that involve artificial intelligence and machine learning. This had pushed us to enhance our skills in AI and ML tools, so we can implement them in the products we build. I anticipate that in 2018, we will have more demands from our clients to build apps with AI so that products are smarter and more intelligent. - Piyush Jain, SIMpalm.

5. Live Video

With live streaming videos already gaining popularity and interest from brands this past year, it will continue to progress in 2018. With the digital era being so instant and saturated nowadays with content and apps, people will want to see events and performances at their fingertips immediately. From fireside chats and discussion panels to company events, live video is here to stay. - Stanley Meytin, True Film Production.

6. Chatbots

In the SAAS business, chatbots are becoming more and more prevalent. Customers want to work with companies that deliver 24/7 customer service through chat. They don't want to be on hold for 30 minutes to talk to someone; they would rather open up another browser window if they have to hold. Chatbots may even help with Google rankings as visitors will stay on the site longer, decreasing your bounce rate. For businesses that are accustomed to having customer service calls or help tickets, chatbots will require a change in process and new training. It's something we're in the initial stages of implementing, but we look forward to the changes. - Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster.

7. Voice Search-Based Ad Personalization 

The ways in which people are interacting with voice search are only going to keep growing, and that is creating new opportunities and avenues for potential ad strategy. Once the platforms are available, I suspect this will have a major impact on how brands interact with people. - Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now.

8. More Intelligent Applications

When I started using computers, applications were, for the most part, a thin layer on top of a database that presented lists of items for people to choose from (think of an old-fashioned music player like WinAMP). Today, there's so much information coming at us from all angles that we can't design applications like that anymore. We need to have the most useful information presented to us at the right time. It's the job of the application to figure out what counts as useful at any moment. With the introduction of sophisticated machine learning, low-latency mobile connections, low-power sensors and augmented reality, we're going to see applications get much better at filtering and prioritizing information. Ultimately, that'll free us to focus on generating value. - Justin Blanchard, ServerMania Inc.

9. Growth Of Automation

We're seeing the growth of automation right before our eyes, and I think we'll see this coming into more workplaces as we move into 2018 and beyond. While we may not see the game-changing moves happen right away (e.g. an entire role replaced), I do think we're going to see tools being built in the SaaS space that continue to make our work lives a little easier. Where some people may develop stress around this idea, it will allow us to automate time-consuming tasks and focus on the big picture. Some of my favorite instances of this are social media automation, chatbots and the quick replies that Gmail is beginning to provide that leverage machine learning and AI. - Erin Blaskie, L-SPARK

10. Augmented Reality

There were some interesting AR based applications created following the release of Apple's ARKit earlier in 2017. 2018 will be the year AR will go huge. This will help bring digital & physical world's together and touch many business processes. There is great potential in training & educational sector. AR will be great for training new staff members on the equipment and let them run through support & repair procedures.

These are some of the interesting trends to expect in the coming year. The new emerging technologies will impact the entire business process of industries ranging from healthcare to military. We need to be prepared.

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