10 Customer Experience Implementations of Artificial Intelligence

Feb 9, 2018 | 3873 Views

Artificial intelligence is popping up everywhere and is changing the customer experience with the brands. It is estimated that by 2025, an estimated 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology. Artificial intelligence is on hype today. Have you wondered why?

Right from chatbots to automation, AI helps brands learn more about their customers to enhance personalization. Below mentioned are some ways how brands embracing AI and machine learning for creating maximum customer satisfaction. 

1-800 flowers leverages a Chatbot to speed up the Customer experience:
1-800 flowers have made ordering floral arrangement even easier by creating a Facebook messenger chatbot to help customers order flowers. The chatbot is trained to pinpoint on those conversational cues to suggest arrangements. 

For instance, if a customer mentions that they need their order ASAP, the chatbot immediately suggests the perfect flowers as per customers' expectations and preferences within the stipulated time. The chatbots show pictures of each arrangement and makes it easy for customers to create their own personalized message and set up the order delivery.

North Face Uses Watson to create a personalized shopping experience:
North face, one of the retailer giants, uses IBM's AI supercomputer Watson to create a more personalized online shopping experience for their potential customers. The site facilitates customer refine the product selections based on the answers on the series of questions. 

For instance; If a customer says they'd like to hike in the winter, the program designed would ask questions related to the location and preferences to recommend a jacket that would match their preference. So, in this case, instead of sorting through entire products, the chatbot makes it easier for the customer to get what they actually want. 

Dixons Carphone Recommends Insurance Through a Chatbot
Dixons Carphone, a UK-based multinational Electrical & Communications Retailer and Services It uses AI in the form of a bot named Cami. Cami helps in recommending items, giving advices and anticipating customer's needs and future purchases. 

For instance; If a customer buys a new mobile device, Cami automatically recommends phone cases and insurance schemes. 

Cami makes it easy for the employees to actually spend more time with the customers explaining them regarding the product rather than just finding and sorting out product among the inventories. This is possible as Cami monitors the in-stock inventories.

Ticketmaster Combats Fraud with AI
Ticketmaster turned to AI to withstand ticket fraud, which was making the ticket buying experience negative for its customers. The company built a bigger bot to fight scalper bots that buy tickets and sell them for even higher rates. Then, the AI bot analyzes every customer to make sure the people purchasing tickets are actually human. 

Customers Buy Domino's Pizza through Facebook messenger
In this busy and fast-going lifestyle, it is actually difficult to keep up with the regular food intervals. And, the convenient option then is Pizzas, for sure. It's never been so easy to order a pizza. AI has been much of a use in this too. 

Domino's uses a Facebook messenger chatbot named Dom which allows customers to place an order simply by sending a message that says ‚??pizza‚??. The bot receives the details and the order is completed faster than placing an order by customer through telephone. 

Skiing through a Personalized Customer Experience with Black Diamond Equipment
Avid skiers buy their equipment online via e-commerce retailer, Black Diamond Equipment. The site uses AI to provide recommendations to each customer. AI technology facilitates customers' needs and actively make product recommendations based on aspects like purchase history and weather conditions. Due to the system, purchases have increased impressively.

Spotify uses Artificial Intelligence to tailor music according to preference
Spotify uses AI to maximize customer experience. AI allows the site to store more customer data and access it to find trends and predict what is the customers' music preference. Every week, every Spotify user gets a personalized ‚??Discover Weekly' playlist with music handpicked for them using AI data.  

China Merchant Bank Uses WeChat Messenger to Handle Millions of Customers
China Merchant Bank, takes advantage of AI bots to interact with a huge number of customers. The bank's WeChat Messenger bot handles 1.5 to 2 million customer conversations each day, mostly about aspects like card balances and payments. Customers can quickly access the information required, and it saves the bank from hiring thousands of human employees to match the same volume of requests.

Google Photo Automatically Labels Photos Using Artificial Intelligence
Google Photo uses AI to remove a tedious task from its customers. It automatically labels photos as customers upload them. Instead of the customer having to go through and label and organize each picture, Google's AI technology tags photos based on people, location, date, and more, which makes it easy to search and find the perfect image.

KFC Uses Artificially Intelligent Facial Recognition Software To Predict Orders 
KFC is partnering with Chinese search engine Baidu to create a restaurant that uses AI facial recognition software to infer what a customer might want to order. The program collects data like gender, facial expressions, and other visual features to provide menu recommendations to customers. It also saves previous orders, so customers can get recommendations based on what they've ordered before.
Lastly, artificial intelligence can make your customer experience better. It's about finding the right use for your business and a technology that will consider what your customers' need. AI should make customers' lives easier and better.

Source: HOB