How this one Woman Is Powerfully Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Feb 12, 2018 | 2487 Views

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, new groups are emerging that is driven towards expansion and implementation of AI at a new pace and depth. However, one such exclusive, burgeoning collective entitled #AIShowbiz Executive Roundtable is happening. This Roundtable is one of the first business communities in the country, dedicated to the relationship between AI and the entertainment industry. 

The #AIShowbiz Executive Roundtable is an ancillary property of the larger #AIShowbiz Summit which just completed its second-year of panels and keynotes with various influencers in AI from around the world during a day-long conference in Los Angeles, California. 

The overall #AIShowbiz organization is found and helmed by Molly Lavik, creator of Mentor Insight, a media and market development company. She is a unique personality helping to shape the force of AI and the entertainment industry through the power of information dissemination and the convening of the influential leaders.

Lavik explains, "I've always known my path and purpose in life is to help others succeed. After many years of working with remarkable entrepreneurs helping them transform their venture visions into reality, I decided to create this community so that outstanding entrepreneurs could be supported via first-hand introductions to key financiers and other resources that would scale their AI businesses and, thereby, accelerate the industry overall". She has produced six, invitation-only assemblies of the Roundtable till date.

While the #AIShowBiz Summit itself is a unique event in AI given the convening 175 attendees, 38 speakers and 10 hand-picked entrepreneurs who pitch during a special session, it is the 65 insider sub-section of the organization that is truly shaping up the future of AI in this specific arena.
The next #AIShowBiz Executive Roundtable is scheduled to take place in March, 2018 in Austin, Texas right before the SXSW Conference.

Manoj Saxena, known for commercializing for IBM Watson and now currently the Chairman of Cognitive Scale, is also involved. Further, he also provided the opening address for the latest #AIShowbiz Summit. 
He explains, "AI represents tremendous potential in terms of transforming business and society and will allow human creativity and potential to flourish over the next decade. AI, when combined with Blockchain, provides even more exciting opportunities for new entrepreneurs to innovate and create new market-leading companies. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur than today." Indeed, he also oversees the Entrepreneurs' Fund IV, a $100M seed fund focused exclusively on cognitive computing with a lens on social good for both social and enterprise. Over the past four years, Saxena's team funded nine high potential companies that today have a combined valuation of over a $1billion.
Saxena as well as other such influencers as Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, Paramount Pictures, Chief Creative Officer, Barco Escape and Xavier Kochhar, founder of The Video Genome Project, the video AI and structured data company which Hulu acquired prior to the launch of their linear OTT video service last year, are just a few of those who make up this collective that Lavik is quietly but forcefully building upon.

Lavik is providing the ability for high-level discussion around, is the intersection of Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with AI which is recurring and growing theme within the Summit and Roundtable. Kochar added, "The larger platform companies have become increasingly omnipotent with respect to data--both from the usage and content side--and we are seeing the gravity they have created with respect to their 'must-go-to' status with advertisers, developers, publishers, and users."

Lavik explains, "We will all convene five more times over the next 12 months both virtually and in-person and, in part, before significant festivals and conferences. This is a major opportunity because we are working diligently to develop and fast-track key brands, secure additional investment dollars and explore new partnerships via these meetings."

Lavik believes that the biggest challenge for the AI industry is to find data scientists and analytical-gifted people who are well-qualified to fill the many open positions that this new sector offers. "There is also much important work to be done to ensure that more women and people of diverse backgrounds assume leadership positions in AI," she further adds. 

Source: HOB