UAE banks on A.I. to make it feel 'futuristic'

Feb 13, 2018 | 2529 Views

Government-run services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be boosted & a "hundred-fold" thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the country's first minister dedicated to foster the technology told CNBC Monday. 

The UAE leadership has been pushing the development of AI technology. Also, it has been a large topic for discussion at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE. 

Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, the UAE's minister of state for AI, said the 'agility' of the country's government will help it become a world leader in the technology. 

"In 10 years, we will be the capital of AI in service and government. I also think we will be a hub for AI in the region. AI is a very interesting field right now, it's very broad right now, so every country is going to look at specializing in their own field," Al Olama told CNBC in a TV interview on Monday.

He explained that the country's strengths lie in government and other areas like transport, where AI will be applicable. The goal here is to make the cities in the UAE feel futuristic.

"We are going to try to use AI to improve these services hundred-fold from what they are today and we are going to try to implement them in the government in a way that makes every single resident and tourist feel like they are in the city of the future," said Al Olama.

The message at the World Government Summit around AI has been positive. Sebastian Thrun told CNBC that AI would create 'superhuman workers'. He is the chairman of online education platform Udacity, and founder of Google X, the search giant's secret moonshot lab.

A number of countries are also heavily investing in AI. China recently announced plans to build a $2.1 billion research park dedicated to AI development, and is aiming towards being the world leader in technology by 2030. 

Source: HOB