Machine learning leads to smarter Mobile Notifications

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Mar 20, 2018 | 15129 Views

Push notifications on phones are both a blessing and a curse. It is important to get information you need when it happens. But some apps send way too many push notifications, which often leads to turning off notifications for the app or deleting it altogether. Question is, how do you balance between necessary and extraneous push notifications? A new Artificial Intelligence, outlined by Ton Ton Hsieng De Huang and Hung-Yu Kao on, may be able to do just that.

This machine learning, which the developers call C-3PO worked by analyzing a person's browsing history, shopping history and financial details. The data was provided by Leopard Mobile, a Taiwan-based internet company. The neural network then analyzed the pop-up notifications people were getting and which ones they clicked on. As a result, the Artificial Intelligence was able to make push notifications "smarter," reducing the number of overall notifications and increasing the click through rates on the ones that did appear.

The team still has work to do. The next steps are to improve the neural network model by decreasing the number of complex tasks it has to perform. Additionally, they would like to apply this model to a system that advertisers could use to optimize when and how often they are delivering ads.

Anyone struggled with the sheer number of push notifications on their phones can see why this could potentially be a good thing. The easiest solution to decreasing push notifications is to turn off notifications or delete an app altogether. This gives users and app developers both a potentially better option.

Source: Engadget