Learn how AI chatbots can enable better business performance

By pratosh |Email | Apr 4, 2018 | 12816 Views

With the penetration of digital transformation, we are all connected with each other through phones laptops etc. Customers nowadays are friendlier to social media as compared to direct contact. Thus, companies have to change the way they interact. Chatbots are programed to interact with human and reply to their quarries and receive feedbacks. They are designed by taking into account how a person would handle the quarries with his clients. Chatbots can be used for various purposes such as customer service, marketing, and information gathering. They reply on the basis of NLP. Chatbots reduce the human interference to a great extent. 
This article describes about the contribution of chatbots in real time businesses. Designing an AI chatbot requires a planned approach, which is discussed below. 

  1. Identify where to fit the chatbot: Understanding the purpose of the chatbot is very important before designing it. From the business point of view work and data is very much necessary to be analyzed to position the chatbot. 
  2. Chatbots must be customer's query oriented: This is a very important step and must be stressed upon. Developers must keep in mind the queries of their clients or customers. Questions are based on a particular business and it must provide information related to questions. 
  3. Design: Developers must have a clear-cut idea whether to build dynamic machine learning based Natural Language or rule-based directed dialogue chatbot. Overall planning of money investment, platform of coding or non-coding is part of the designing. All these results in effective outcomes and business performance.
Some of the key features of chatbot are as below:

  •  How Chatbot Improves Customer Experience: The industry is revolutionized by intelligent systems and automated products. Every industry is shifting towards novel AI solution. One should know about the Artificial Intelligence and its application areas. This is achieved by AI and technology. One of the greatest achievement of deep learning is chatbot. These are multipurpose bots which are used in many application like kiosks, Automation Processes and AI-enabled systems. This leads to a better customer engagement and fulfills the required purpose. It enhances customer experience and business engagement. 
  • Natural language understanding Bots: One of the leading facts of machine learning; enabled chatbots is that it can learn and understand human conversation speech and text. NLP enabled chatbots are used for customer support services round the clock. 
  • Chatbots in Business Intelligence: The way of making direct contact with the customer is changing its way. Interactions with customers nowadays is very crucial. They expects instant answers for their queries. If it is not done the particular website or the business will have a very poor rating. 
  • Making Schedule: It is easier to implement a full functioning chatbot than to build a cross-platform app and hiring employees for that particular app. Since chatbots are automated, they makes it possible for the administration to switch many customer once at a time. Sometimes it is very difficult to handle and set up meetings. For the proper arrangement, you have to work a lot but now these tasks can be assigned to chat bots. With so many schedules to juggle, setting up meetings can be a pain unless you let a Chabot do the work for you. 


Chatbots make a very convenient platform for the user to make queries. It is a very rich tool for customer engagement. They can perform repetitive office task easily. Since it is artificial intelligent system it needs to be trained with large volume of data. So, making a chatbot is expensive but with right technology and resources, it can produce quality results.

Source: HOB