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Retail e-commerce is one of the biggest revenue making sectors of the enterprise and if you donā??t know that already take a quick look at Alibaba and Amazon. Online shopping is yet another sector that is slowly and surely being transformed by AI and scientific breakthroughs have opened the doors for vast amounts of data to be leveraged in the retail market. This big data makes it possible to have AI powered interactions with customers that involve product recommendation, customised searches and even personal assistance.

Here are 12 interesting companies transforming the retail experience for both consumers and businesses through artificial intelligence.

Artifacia is a Bengaluru based startup that provides a digital marketing platform designed for fashion and accessory brands. The focus is on merchandise that requires a high level visual experience to sell. Artificia not only use AI technology to link each image with the userā??s interests, but also uses all relevant data to recommend suitable products.

Bloomreach is another interesting company that combines machine learning with big data to figure out something particularly useful, intent. Their core technology ā??The Web Relevance Engineā?? actually gets smarter with every interaction and is used in their platform to help businesses greet each customer with unique and relevant content.

Infinite Analytics takes personalization to another level by actually maintaining a relationship with each user. Apart from interacting with the user through texts and voice messages, it can identify and find products straight from pictures. This platform can also personalise online shopping websites and communicate search results through Amazon Echo.

Layer 6 AI features a personalization engine that digs deeper than just user behaviour and purchase history. This platform actually leverages all your data quickly, accurately and reliably to figure out what your customer wants next. This general purpose recommendation system is powered by deep learning and specifically designed for enterprise customers.

Mona is more than just a platform, Mona is an AI powered personal shopping assistant that learns customer preferences with regards to style and price. Started by two former employees, Mona takes a bit from Siri and adds it to the online shopping experience. is unique in the sense that it reaches out to consumers through their favourite messaging apps. Since messaging is the most common habit on the smartphone, uses AI chatbots to provide personalised suggestions with respect to the customers tastes in between their Facebook or Whatsapp chats.

Source: topbots