Artificial Intelligence: Transforms Social Media Marketing

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 19, 2018 | 9537 Views

Artificial intelligence is changing almost every area of our world, and social media marketing is no exception. By understanding your consumers and competitors better, to creating more personalized content, find out how AI is revolutionizing adverts on social.
How AI technology will mean more effective social media marketing tool?
Social Listening
Social listening is one of the more well-known solutions that AI and Big Data are used for. While social media monitoring refers only to a collection of social data, social listening includes action ability. It tracks specific conversations and leverages the data to find opportunities to create specialized content for specific audiences.
Social listening offers a powerful way to interact with audiences, as well as tailor the voice to better connect with them. Social listening tools use AI systems to gather, sort and analyze masses of data from social media. Automatic systems are set up to alert you when important things are being mentioned about your brand, company or industry. Some of these tools will give you actionable data about your audience, informed by data, allowing you to make changes to improve your social media marketing strategy. 
Competitor Analysis
Tracking, and analyzing, your competitors is one if the areas where AI has made a big impact. Without AI's ability to find and analyze large data sets, any analysis from competitors social pages is subjective, qualitative, or manually exhausting.
Thanks to AI, so that one can run the same analysis on social pages as well as competitors. This gives savvy marketers the advantage of seeing what strategies are working, and being able to integrate them into their own strategies.
Content Optimization
By understanding your audience, industry and your competitors, planning the best content for consumers becomes a piece of cake. The hard part is finding the exact mix of text, image and video for your posts to optimize your content. Although trends suggest that photos and videos outperform text, you need to find the exact mix that works best for your audience.
Marketing teams spend significant time and resources on activities like keyword research, topic selection, and performance tracking, etc. This often takes time away from actual content creation, promotion, and optimization. Turns out, artificial intelligence can be a major help in this area and easier to start using than you might think.
At last, AI and all of its related technologies like Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have the capacity to help marketers unlock their performance potential.

Source: HOB