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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 23, 2018 | 17574 Views

The majority of company's today employment sophisticated level of protection to disrupt malicious characters from gaining memory access to the meshwork and its data, but in the end, it always comes down to the end exploiter. How do you teach the end user to not click the link? Gear them on trade good security at base. The key to good cybersecurity at the office is that the end user deal with the security on home deviceswhen they are not protected by corporate security.  One must develop strong password especially on their home devices.  

One must teach and show themselves the difference between a strong password and a weak password. Nothing is more powerful than showing a person how quickly a weak password can be cracked.
In the office, modern email spam filters rewrite links, but what about the links that make it through? Teach the users how to hover and read a URL link. When they are doing it every day at home to protect their home network, they will do the same to protect the corporate network. 

A spam mail must be identified as carefully as compared. There are some common elements of spam that users can use to identify malicious emails. They always seem to include a rush or a drop-dead date. Words are misspelled, or punctuation is in the wrong place. Check the display name to see if the domain matches the name. In a fraudulent email, these will not match. Three two one backups must be done as per to safe guard the data

Teaching users how to protect data at home ensures they will take the proper precautions in the office. As most system administrators know, laptop backups don't always work and there always seem to be problems right when the user needs the data most. Teaching the end user a good backup policy at home means they will be more likely to take the same care with their corporate data. Teach them to keep the following points in keep.

Three copies of all data out of which two copies on different medium and one copy offsite. When you empower and train the employees, cybersecurity at the office becomes easier because they understand the dangers, and they understand what the organization is doing to protect them. At some point, a technology that an organization employs to protect itself may fail, and the only thing standing between the malicious actor and the data will be the end user. 

One  should rather have an empowered, trained end user than an end user who relies on the organization for their protection. Mistakes will be made, and immediate follow-up training should be done, but practicing their cybersecurity skills at home will make those mistakes few and far between. In all organizations, every single person needs to think about cybersecurity and be a partner in protecting the network. Feeding the employee knowledge, like feeding a dog, will make that link less irresistible.

Source: HOB