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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | May 4, 2018 | 6201 Views

Automation is not a new phenomenon, and interrogation about its promise and effects have long accompanied its advances. More than a half century ago, US Chairperson Lyndon B. Johnson established a national commission to examine the impingement of technology on the saving and work , declaring that automation did not have to destroy line but  can be the ally of our prosperity if we will just look ahead. single Many of the same questions have come to the fore again today , as a result of remarkable recent advances in engineering including robotics , artificial intelligence  AI , and machine learning.

 Automation now has the potential drop drop to change the daily work bodily function of everyone, from mineworker and landscape gardener to commercial banker , fashion graphic designer , welder ??and CEOs. But how quickly will these technologies become a reality in the work. And what will their impact be on utilization and on productivity in the global thriftiness . Over the past times two days , we have been conducting a research program on automation technologies and their potential effects. Some of our paint findings include the following.  

We are living in a new automation age in which robot and computers can not only perform a range of function physical work activity better and more cheaply than humans, but are also increasingly capable of accomplishing body process that include cognitive capabilities. These include qualification tacit judgments, sensing emotion, or even drive ??activities that used to be considered too difficult to automate successfully. 

 The automation of activities can enable productivity growth and other benefits at both the horizontal surface of soul process and businesses, as well as at the level of entire economies, where productivity acceleration is sorely needed, especially as the share of the working age population declines in many countries. At a micro economic level, businesses everywhere will have an opportunity to capture benefits and achieve competitive advantage from automation technology. 

Source: HOB