Enhance Students Learning Experience Using AI

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 9, 2018 | 11808 Views

Few years back, researchers and experts were predicting the potential impact that Artificial Intelligence can have on human life and businesses. Now, Ai has embedded to various fields such as improving Customer experience, Talent Management and man other used case in different industry.

 AI has widely accepted as a means to embrace growth and opportunity in banking, Health, automobile and many other industries. Still AI has lot to develop. There is one field where AI can have wide applicability that is education, but it cannot fully replace human tutor with robots.
Various colleges and universities however using chatbots and AI to ease their Administrative tasks. AI enable administrative assistance; process automation and other tools can change the educational experience for both students and teachers.

 5 Ways AI can improve Students Learning process

  •    Customized machine assisted learning
Adopting AI integrated educational software for all levels of students that is from kinder garden to intermediate to graduates supports individualized learning. These software, programs work as per the students need, helps them to become expertise in their interest area. These customized machine assistance helps students to learn at their different stage of learning. AI supports students and teachers in developing customized courses based on their needs.

  •    Identify the gap in learning
A teacher is not always able to identify where and why the students are lacking. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the gap in teaching and learning process. Here AI can provide solutions to avoid the confusion in concepts. Coursera, a platform to learn online, provide assistance in identifying the gap. It gives an alert to teacher when large number of students give wrong to the question. This help them to improve students clarity and build a strong conceptual base.

  •    AI tutor 

AI tutor can provide support to students when teachers are not available to learn the fundamentals. Some student support chatbots helps to answer the queries of students 24/7. Although, the present AI is not able to support creative learning and high order thinking to the students. Researchers believe, the advancement in AI may resolve this issue as well.

  •    AI provides feedback
Various AI integrated program not only supports customized learning but also provide feedback on students' performance and alert on low progress. Many colleges and institutions who involved in AI driven programs are benefited with the facility to track students progress and get feedback about need for improvement. With this, teachers can improve their instruction and guidance on subject matter.

  •   Changing role of Teachers
 With the advancement in AI, the role of human tutor may change from a teacher to facilitator. Currently, teachers help student to learn fundamentals. With the existence of AI tutor, the students may clear their basic concepts and fundamentals with the help of robots and AI driven programs and human tutor provide with real world experience, creative learning and personalized interaction to develop deep thinking.

Thus, AI is not only providing solution to ease the administrative tasks, speed up the communication process but also contributing to enhance student learning process using chatbots, AI tutor, AI driven program and customized learning process. AI empowers teachers with lots of technology and improve students learning capabilities.

Source: HOB