Why Artificial Intelligence Is Creating a New Category of Jobs

May 16, 2017 | 2814 Views

As the use of artificial intelligence among various industries becomes ubiquitous, some companies have ramped up their hiring since the software has automated tedious processes and eliminated human errors.

While the fears that artificial intelligence will replace many human jobs is not unfounded, some industries have discovered that the software has enabled their current employees to be more productive and successful since they no longer have to focus on mundane tasks. The use of artificial intelligence has been present for many years in online chat boxes that answer customer service questions and self-driving cars as the technology mimics and learns human behavior.

The fear that artificial intelligence will replace a large percentage of jobs is rational, but at the same time, there is a growing acceptance that it has "done a lot of good," said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica, a Foster City, Calif.-based artificial intelligence-based software company that engages potential customers in natural, two-way human conversations and is used by sales representatives.

"These services such as Netflix, Pandora and Amazon recommending songs and movies are pretty convenient and already embedded in our daily lives," he said.

As artificial intelligence matures through its various disciplines such as machine learning, image and text classification, natural language processing or speech recognition, the technology is designed to conduct very routine and specific tasks and able to replace some jobs held by humans. While artificial intelligence could replace customer service jobs in some industries; in others it would allow account executives to spend more time on customers' problems instead of on routine and often boring activities, said Terry. Read More

Source: TheStreet