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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | May 15, 2018 | 6807 Views

AI will take over the world. Most people are unaware at the phenomenal rate that our AI systems have improved over the past five years and the trend is only getting steeper and steeper.

You may not realize but you use AI every day, we all do Virtual Assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are obvious examples of cutting edge artificial intelligence, but it s also used in many really subtle ways that affect your everyday life. When you see music recommendations on Spottily and film suggestions on Netflix, there is a highly complex computer algorithm behind that, an algorithm that teaches it with passing time, an AI.

This is known as machine learning and large retailers such as Amazon have been using machine learning algorithms for many years now, to predict what you want to buy, perhaps before you even know yourself.Within the next 50 years, some say it could be far sooner than that, in as little as 10 years time.

 Some of the most intelligent individuals in the world who deal with futuristic technology every single day have repeatedly warned that AI could be the most dangerous thing we ever create and our greatest ever existential threat.Elon Musk is constantly expressing his concerns In an interview Musk recently stated that with artificial intelligence we are  Summoning the devil .

Many people who truly understand the power and dangers of Artificial Intelligence have called it the  Last invention we ll ever make - the last challenge we ll ever face. Because when the time comes, if we do get it wrong and we do lose control, there will be a final challenge, a final war, a war against software, a war that we cannot win.

Source: HOB