One Step ahead - Sentimental analysis using Chatbots

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 22, 2018 | 12729 Views

Chatbots are gaining importance day by day. Companies are integrating chatbots to different use cases to streamline the user experience. researchers believe that moving a step ahead, the future chatbots will assist in sentiments analysis of user. 

Currently AI-enabled chatbots are providing assistance in communication, customer support, marketing, file management, shopping, education, administration and so on etc. With its increasing applicability to many business use cases, Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of the interactions with customer will be handled by chatbots without interference of human being.

Let's understand what a Chatbot is?
A chatbot is a machine or Robot is programmed with an ability to interact with human. One of the fundamental use of chatbot is to provide customer support by providing them a conversational interface. It facilitates answering redundant queries of the customer immediately with least human interference.
The aim of Chatbots:
The advancement and development in chatbot aimed to build a conversational interface that can communicate with its user and deliver seamless experience. For this purpose, it needs to understand human language, emotions and sentiments, tone, context and nuances like sarcasm as well while interaction. Researchers are using Natural Language processing to improve chatbot's understanding about human language in text and voice as well.

Chatbots is evolving as best means to engage customer for longer time without realizing that they are interacting with a machine. Chatbot in today's are able to responds redundant query that is pre-programmed and collect customer feedback to improve its services.

 But ultimately the product manager analyses those data to understand customer needs, sentiments behind the interaction and develop their services accordingly. Now, researchers are looking forward to develop chatbot that will facilitate sentimental analysis. 

What is Sentimental Analysis?
Sentimental analysis is analyzing customer response or sentiments and understanding human psychology behind the context they are talking about. By analyzing different customer response and sentiments such as when customer feel happy, when he/she is not satisfied with company's offerings, chatbots can choose best alternative to handle customer queries in different tones to different customer for same context. 

Dealing customer queries in this manner will ensure more customer engagement and real time customer feedback regarding the company and its offerings. This opens up different opportunities to the company to make improvements and innovative solutions and leads to improved customer experience.

The sentimental analysis also depicts the early warning signals to the company when customer is thinking to switch or it requires human interference to handle customer grievances. Chatbots respond based on algorithms in which there is same meaning for a context to different customers where as it can have different meaning based on the customer perceptions and sentiments. Here chatbots is lacking today. The researchers are identifying potential development in chatbots to facilitate sentiments analysis.

Sentimental analysis using chatbots can face complexities to build its algorithm due to varied human personality, culture, values or we can say a complex human as a whole.  Some AI-enabled bot has the ability to understand human language and context to some extent, still we need to wait to see its application in sentiments analysis. The future may come with more development in Chatbots, AI and neural network to provide better analysis of sentiments of consumer.  

Source: HOB