Different Use cases in Marketing where AI can be implemented

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 24, 2018 | 9744 Views

Now a day AI is no more hype, it becoming more and more reality. But still many marketers are not sure how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in the field of marketing. AI technologies are being developed to make human's life easier intelligently and to make their job more efficient.

Poul Roetzer and the folks at the Marketing Institute has tested many AI solutions and talked to many solution providers few years and identified that AI can contribute in significant manner to the marketers. They identified that AI can be implemented to reduce reporting time, improve performance of advertisement and achieve another level of effectiveness in content writing requiring less time, effort and resources.

Artificial intelligence is already in use in many business use cases from content marketing to SEO to optimize the processes. It helps in increasing the final outcome and relieve the human workforce for more critical and strategic work.
Different Use-cases in Marketing

  • Content writing
Forbes and the associated Press are using AI-enabled tools like Wordsmith and Quill to create their content. these tools used templates, requires user input keywords and relevant data to create unique content. Further these AI-generated content can be edited by marketer or content writer.
Marketer are also using AI to Customize email marketing as per the need of target audience so that prospects can be easily converted into customer. Marketer can segment their audience using AI and interact with them with customized content through email, text message or in apps as per their life cycle stage.

  • Automation
Automate different business processes using artificial intelligence technology can make human resource work more efficient and empower them with different tools to be used in strategic decision making.

  • Social media
The unique feature of social media to connect people across the globe provide ample opportunity to marketers to understand their customer. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other are using AI to customize user experience and provide target advertisement and save cost and time as well. 

  • Communication
It is the integral part of any business or processes. AI provides many solutions to communicate with different stakeholders more effectively or efficiently. AI-enabled Chatbots are providing marketers with solutions to streamline the user experience, speed-up the communication process and faster means to resolve their grievances.

  • Image recognition

AI-powered augmented reality image recognition tools provide editing of images in different faces or shapes. It uses neural network and makes possible for users to barf rainbow, swap faces with your friend and many other options in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. These tools are exploited by marketer to engage customer with the brands and company in more personalized way.

  • Cognitive Insights
Using algorithms, companies are now able to deal with huge data set to extract valuable insights from that data. The other techniques of AI enhance the predictive ability to the organization to take more informed decision. The more valuable insights help marketer to provide personalize customer services and seamless experience.

  • Advertisement
AI has also changed the way we search content online and optimizing search engine process with text ant voice search. Using AI integrated search engine marketer are trying to improve the effectiveness of advertising to create awareness about the brand, to promote company's offerings and to enhance brand image in the eyes of customers. AI is also transforming the use of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for marketers.

These are only few use cases and can be more where AI can be implemented to solves many marketing problems and with the advancement in AI will open up opportunity with many other use cases to leverage the benefits of AI and its technology.

Source: HOB