How Chatbots can help Marketer in Lead Generation

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 29, 2018 | 11748 Views

Marketer must understand the significance of relationship building in keeping, growing and acquiring customers. Chatbots came up with the solutions to bridge the communication gap and improve relationship between salesforce and customer.

Today everyone heard about chatbots and they are trying to understand the possible benefits that chatbots can provide in growing business. One of the important benefits that chatbots offer to marketer is Lead Generation with the help of user friendly conversational interface. 

Chatbots is an emerging platform to offer seamless conversational experience to its user via text or voice. It is being used by marketer in different industry as customer service tool. Researchers believe that these chatbots can revolutionize the process of lead generation.

As per Hubspot 2017, 48% of consumers connect through a company via live chat rather other means of building connectivity and Facebook messenger has alone 1.2 billion monthly active users.  If you give attention to this data, no marketer would want to lose such huge customers by avoiding chatbots for lead generation.

Lead Generation
Lead generation is the process of identifying and persuading prospects to make purchase decision about company's products and offerings. We can say it is the process of converting prospects into customers who is interested to engage with company.  

Chatbots can overcome few challenges in lead generation by automating the initial process of contact building. With the development in chatbots, expert says that, it will have the ability to predict at which stage of buying cycle consumer is lying.  

5 Ways Chatbots can help in Lead Generation

  • Retargeting cold leads
A report shows that people respond easily and promptly on Facebook than emails. So, using chatbots on Facebook messenger marketer can remind customer about existing products and redirect them directly to the company website to make purchase decision with some coupon. This will enable marketer to retarget cold leads.

  • Content sharing 24/7
The basic function of chatbot is to deliver contents regarding company's products and offerings, discounts and offers and other services to the customer at right time. Chatbots can resolve 70 % of the customer queries without the human interference and available for 24/7. So, chatbot deliver right content to the right target group at right time.

  • Instant and going engagement
The user friendly conversational interface of chatbot facilitate instant response and engage customer or prospects for longer time.  Chatbot also facilitates two-way communication to qualify leads. It starts conversation to identify what consumer are looking for and can recommend products as per their interaction.

  • Information gathering about customer feedback
While interacting with prospects and consumer, chatbot gathers valuable information about their needs, expectations, likes, dislikes. These information can be utilized by marketer to improve their customer service and increase the value of lead generation. Information gathering also improves chatbots response to the customer queries.

  • Convert prospect into Customer
The conversational interface of chatbots enhance user engagement with the company. the chatbots guidance and recommendations can persuade prospects to make purchase decision. 
Generating leads using chatbots can be used as competitive strategy to enhance customer base. This in turn will increase sales revenue and long-term engagement will provide long-term sustainability to the organization. Chatbots are growing as an effective tool of customer service that can save tome, efforts and generate leads.
One thing marketer need to understand that chatbots must be used to supplement marketing efforts of relationship building. It is not a substitute of salesforce. Despite developments, chatbots cannot answer all the queries o customers. There will always be human interference.

Source: HOB