Robots as Care taker for your family

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 31, 2018 | 13863 Views

Despite lot of innovations and development in technologies that makes our life easier, the old age people always require a care taker or support hand to live their life conveniently. In the today's nuclear family concept, robots are acting as a care taker for elder people in your family. 

The advancement in technology made it possible to as a supportive hand for old age people and bridges the gap of elder care because of busy schedule. Experts believe that AI has the potential to reduce old age loneliness and remove social isolation.

Robots can help elders or old age people in many ways with their daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, routine medications, cooking etc. Somewhere experimental robots are helping people with lift out and into the chairs, mop our floors, greet people. Some of these robots are used in daily life and some are till in trials.
Researchers predict that soon robots will be able to reduce loneliness and nudge elders to have regular and scheduled food. Robots are not only assist in movements or elders but also capable of engaging them socially, mentally and emotionally. Robots can be used to regulate room temperature, light levels

Japan is already using these kinds of robots. Below are examples:
Japan is adopting robots and smart sensors for elderly home care to overcome the issues of aging population. The ministry of economy, trade and industry predicts that the demand for home care for robots will grow at faster rate in Japan. Even Government is also spending one-third of its budget toward the development of these home care robots.
  • Care robot
Paro is an interactive therapeutic robot that help people suffering with dementia and Alzheimer. It stimulates interaction between patient and care taker. Another nursing robot name Robear is capable to lift an elderly person. It has tagline "the strong robot with gentle touch". 

  • Smart sensors
Z-work is a smart sensor that provide many home care solutions. It includes three sensors in it that measures heart rate, breathing, keep tracks of temperature, humidity and other movements.

A Sapporo-based company has developed an app that connects people on a community and register people with their picture and physical description. In case someone wanders off, this app sends alert message to the community near 20 km. this app take care of safety of elder people.

Japan is using these robots to provide solutions to old people with home care. However, the adoption of these robots is still affordable to very few people. Some of these robots' will may reduce redundant work of looking after disabled people and relieve them to do more personal or complex work.
So, advancement in technology enable robots to serve people, communicate with them and provide emotional support. 

Source: HOB