Today, SAP has announced three initiatives that expand and accelerate our machine learning capabilities.

May 17, 2017 | 1722 Views

First, we are launching SAP Leonardo Machine Learning, an exciting new offering that embeds machine learning into a new wave of applications. Second, we are opening our SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation to the SAP ecosystem via SAP Cloud Platform. And third, SAP has joined the Partnership on AI, a broad collaboration of commercial and non-profit organizations to benefit people and society.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning: Wave of New Applications to Power Every Part of Every Major Industry

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning is part of the new SAP Leonardo portfolio, which combines machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, analytics, Big Data, and data intelligence into a holistic digital innovation system allowing our customers to innovate at scale and redefine their business.

Discover the power of machine learning. It finds patterns, learns, and understands by recognizing voice, text, images, and videos, fueling business growth in ways never imagined possible.

Realize its full potential with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning.

Watch a video to learn more.

Today, we announce the following SAP Leonardo Machine Learning applications.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

SAP Service Ticketing: Automatically tag service tickets in the right category

SAP Service Ticketing (part of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer) classifies incoming customer service tickets so that they can be routed to the right agent. The agent is then prompted with recommended solutions to improve operational efficiency. This is the first step towards self-running customer service. SAP Leonardo Machine Learning uses existing data - in this case the text from service tickets - and builds powerful new functionality from this valuable resource. Read More

Source: SAP News Center