Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing IT Operations and Devops

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 11, 2018 | 11028 Views

Today IT infrastructure is increasingly dynamic and agile but at the same time it is very complex. As their core responsibility is to solve problems and overcome with the challenges. Technologies and tools are changing at the fastest pace so it's not as easy to cope up with the advancements. So making AI, especially machine learning a powerful and necessary tool for automating analysis and decision making in IT operations to significantly get relieve from this burden. 

It's been tough for a while now to be in IT operations, having to constantly react to incidents as well as trying to resolve them after they have spun out of control. Instead, AI provides technologies to help automate many of these tasks in order to handle incidents in advance. The whole notion of automating IT operational tasks, as well as preventing outages in the first place, and getting to the root cause quickly and in an automated way is the next edge in remediating these issues.

As Gartner said, manual classification and analysis is infeasible and uneconomical. Not even an army of IT staff could review monitoring data quickly and thoroughly enough to identify incidents. Fortunately, AI has the capacity to enable real-time decision making by using multiple analytics capabilities simultaneously to see what's going on across the application stack.
Artificial Intelligence is used to transform how teams develop, deliver, deploy, and manage applications. Following are three ways Artificial Intelligence will impact Devops:
  • Improved Data Access
  • Superior Execution Efficiency
  • Smarter Resource Management 

AI automates routine and repeated task. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning improve the scope of complexity of the tasks and humans will able to focus on more innovation and creativity. AI works on rule based funda means humans will predefine their functions and actions. AI can also assemble data from various sources, and organize it to be useful for consistent and repeatable analysis. 

AI and its effect on IT Operations and Devops: 
While artificial intelligence is used as a buzzword a few decades ago, it is now being commonly applied across different industries for a multiple range of purposes. Combining all like AI, Big Data, technologists, scientists and human knowledge to create amazing breakthrough and opportunities. The human mind cant able to record all the daily operation activities so AI is a powerful tool for optimizing the analysis and decision making processes.   IT department of a company works 24x7. Like if angry customer complains about the failed status of his or her credit card than IT person immediately open the log management system and find more than hundred messages logged at the set time frame so he check all the pending line by line this will cause delay so all these activities will perform real-time monitoring with the help of AI. Thus, the good AI integration serves:
  • Improved customer success.
  • Monitoring and customer support.
  • Risk reduction and resource optimization.
  • Maximize efficiency by making logging data accessible.
Thus, AI is revolutionizing IT operations and Devops. It supports the routine activities and provides good customer support and risk is also eliminated from the system. 

Source: HOB