How challenging Iot Security is?

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 12, 2018 | 7224 Views

In the world of hyper-connectivity and automation, security of internet of things data is of great question. The era of technological revolution, increasing use of internet of things devices and technologies call for knowing the implication behind IoT security changes.

The increasing size and complexity of internet of things makes security challenging for the enterprises. But the internet of things data must se secured at every stage be it in network flow stage or in storage or in use by different devices or applications.

The internet of things offers many benefits to the enterprise such as rich supply of data, ease in relationship building, deliver seamless user experience and at the same time provide opportunity for hackers and raises many security concerns. With the technological revolution, the security issues related to these have seen a great shift from email to SMS, from desktop to smartphones and now the most important internet of things.
What is Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of things can be defined as the many devices such as smartphones, smart watch, tablets, GPS tracker, sensor connected through internet and network of machines and cloud computing. 

The increasing use of sensors, software applications to create smart homes, build smart offices or even smart cities o any thing that connects to internet is becoming potential targets for hackers for hacking database, attacking websites and stealing passwords etc, we can imagine the potential damage that can occur due to lack of secured connection or poor security. It can damage the functioning of whole smart city, cause major vehicle accidents, disrupt hospital operations and many other if the connection and database is not secured in this internet of things. Earlier we used to purchase a package of antivirus for security of out data or devices but the time has almost gone.

Today's very few people are concerned regarding security of data as many times without realising the potential security issues we connect to free wi-fi in the coffee shop or in shopping mall or many other common public places. People gave less concern whether those free wi-fi connection are secured or unsecured and open up themselves and called a hacker's attention or attack in the middle.
Attack in the middle
When we logged in an unsecured wi-fi connection and open up ourselves, then it becomes very easy for hackers to steal your passwords, get access to the vital information and sometimes modify them as well. For example, when we sent an email to other person, then we expect a postal worker will come, receive and deliver our message, but attack in the middle is when some other person gets your message before postal master and may steal or modify that information to deceive you. This is called middle of the attack with digital information in connected devices through internet. Sometimes our smartphones or tablets get connected to open wi-fi without our knowledge, this is also dangerous.

It's not only open source of internet connection that can cause harm but also more umber of connected devices greater will be chance of security issues. Enterprise and individual have to think about the ways that can reduce and solve security issues with internet of things.

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