Chatbots Elevate Human Resource Efforts

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 12, 2018 | 8088 Views

Almost most of the time spent by HR in responding the internal queries within the organization. In some organizations the employee had to wait for more than three days to get a response from the HR. In most of the organisations the HRs remains engaged with the phone calls and that could be self-served. Here, the Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) is automating the entire recruitment process wherein candidates are not required to come to meet for assessments and interviews. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed through Skype or any other recruitment-specific video software.

Chatbots can be used to answer the common questions instantly. This can give more time to the HRs for getting back to work like planning, recruiting, retaining the employees and get time to check the other operations in the organisation. The most important asset of a company is their employees. The employees feel very undervalued and frustrated when they have to wait to get an answer for their queries. So chatbots now come into the picture so that employees can get rid of all these concerns. All the answer to their queries are now answered on an immediate basis. The productivity of the employees would increase drastically if their queries would get answered right away. 

The HR chatbot takes care of the queries which can be handled at their level and redirects those queries to the relevant HR member to handle. The chatbot is not a complicated but this is the self-service platform which helps the user's. It answers the queries of the employees by integrating the intranet and website from the backend. Chatbots are very much data driven and capable to learn new trends. 

Chatbots are also used to get responses to surveys from the staff. Aside from the benefit of getting solution to these problem chatbots are capable to reduce the hustle to a great extent. Once the burden of internal communication is reduced HRs get the freedom to invest their time and energy in doing productive work like gaining employee relation, strategy formulation, talent management, recruitment this leads to improvement of the overall productivity of the employees and enhances the organization to be more competitive and successful in the market. It is always advisable for an organization to adopt chatbots and AI in their day to day functioning.

Hence, industries are now leveraging the chatbots in their daily operating functions thus all the activities are performed by bots with minimum efforts and they can be more focused towards another important task in the organisation. The bots gain the popularity and now they are talk of the town. 

Source: HOB