Yelp is Leveraging Machine Learning to create Popular Dishes List

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 20, 2018 | 12030 Views

Yelp is an American Multinational Company now leveraging machine learning to figure out what everyone prefers to eat based on the restaurant's reviews. Company rolled out its "popular dishes feature" to help the customers in deciding what to order from the restaurant with whom they aren't familiar.  By tapping on this feature this will bring you to the more detailed page with photos, price and menu listing. It's purely depending on how many times they are mentioned in the reviews. 

This is not the very first company that is using machine learning in dish recommendations but UberEats also using this technology to customize the application based on what each person is ordering and to select their favorite dishes. Earlier customers sitting on a table used to scroll through long comments but now yelp help them to figure out the each restaurant's page with a list of its popular dishes, photos and review snippets.

Yelp trained a machine learning model to read through all of our restaurant reviews and recognize when users were writing about a dish they had ordered. Then they match those dishes to other reviews and photos to find the most popular dishes at each restaurant. 

Yelp want to build this feature because they heard from users that they love using Yelp to figure out what to order, but later we thought the process could be easier than looking through all of our great review and photo content individually.

Hence, by leveraging machine learning in the food industry is very helpful for the customers to easily identify the good restaurant based on the reviews they received and now this technology is adopting by the all companies. 

Source: HOB