How Top brands using AI to increase marketing

By arvind |Email | Aug 1, 2018 | 11472 Views

Marketing can increase the sales of a brand/company is a well known fact. In today's time AI allows marketers with a form of marketing campaigns and increase cyber security within business, but increase in marketing requires skill and creativity. Some brands are working with machines that could be better than humans promoting, advertising and ultimately selling products. Companies are already using chatbots, voice assistant and other systems to increase marketing. According to a survey companies are already benefiting from the use of AI in marketing. The thing about using AI is to convince people to buy something from an AI. According to a recent data collected less than 10% people are comfortable buying a product through such ways. 

Companies that found a way
Companies like Nordstrom have found the right job position for AI-powered devices. Namely, their digital tool called "Style Boardsc' allows salespersons to create and send personalized recommendations to existing and potential customers. Combine that with one of the many Nordstrom promo offers, and you'll get an outstanding value purchase.
Nike uses an Artificial Intelligence system called "Nike On Demand' to encourage people to lead a healthier life and exercise more by sending motivational messages. Still, if AI fails to motivate you, Nike deals and promo codes certainly won't.

Companies and their use of AI
1. Netflix recommends to their user what they might like for this they use AI to provide personalised data. 
2. Starbucks allows users to place and pay through alexa. It uses a voice assistant built which can take and modify your orders on your demand.
3. Skype uses AI for photo effects it also uses machine learning for voice recognition and translation.
4. What kind of jeans fits you perfectly Levis has developed a way which helps its users to find the perfect pair of jeans based on the user's preference.
5. Google uses AI, voice recognition, cloud speech, self driving cars all helps tem be a step forward than its competition.
6. Under Armour has a app built specifically for the purpose to help its user with workouts, training and nutrition.
7. Facebook uses AI in many ways but one way it uses AI is to stop fake news from spreading.
8. Amazon echo smart speaker had 70% of the users market share in 2017, it's amazon recognition can identify the objects, people, texts scenes.

Fun facts about AI 
1. AI can help to stop 86% of cyber attacks
2. 72% of business execs use digital assistants
3. Chatbots will be responsible for cost savings over $8 billion by 2022.
4. Chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020.
5. AI powered autonomous vehicles can help save 300K live on the road within a decade.

Source: HOB