Is AI a boon or bane for cyber security?

By arvind |Email | Aug 8, 2018 | 2202 Views

AI can help with medicine, AI is changing the way we live, AI is helping businesses, and AI can be the reason for human extinction. Maybe not the last one so much, but AI has been "the topic" to topic about for the largest part of 21st century. Be it for good or bad it has been the go to word for the technology pundits. Whether it will be boon or bane in the future who knows but for now AI is making our lifeĆ¢??s easier in more ways than we could imagine we are surrounded by AI- military, phones, medicine, business, agriculture, internet and many for. While it is giving the necessary advancement to the companies in their fields a area of concerns throughout this development and advances of AI is internet security, cyber security; while some believe AI will reduce the cyber crimes many think growth in AI could boost cyber crimes and security threats. 
While a study suggests most security breaches in the last decade has been because of an error caused by humans, but one cannot deny the number of personal and financial information that damaged reputation of people and some major brands. An Accenture study shows how significant these losses have been "the average cost of corporate breach was close to 12 million in 2018, which is 23% more than 2016.

The boon of AI

The success rate of an AI detecting cyber research is pretty high and lies between the range of85-99%.  AI has been able to detect cyber attacks with the help of various products like Darktrace which has found to have a success rate of 99%. Simon Crosby writes that ML makes it easier to respond to cyber security protocols. They evolve over time, so more dynamic approaches are necessary. Machine learning used data from the previous attacks and prepares for the next attack if so happens. A big benefit of using AI in cyber security is the number of hours it will free up for tech employees. AI is able to detect threats faster than humans specially the small ones, another way it can help is categorizing the level of attacks. AI response to threat has found to be effective and proper, it makes less mistakes will functioning.

The bane of AI
A recent report suggests that AI could lead to new forms of cyber crime or cyber security. According to the report, "As AI capabilities become more powerful and widespread; we expect the growing use of AI systems to lead to the expansion of existing threats, the introduction of new threats and a change to the typical character of threats." The increasing influence of AI on the physical world means it is also vulnerable to AI misuse. In a new report AI is described as a "dual use technology". The same report suggests "as AI capabilities become more powerful and widespread, we expect the growing use of AI systems to lead to the expansion of existing threats and a change to typical characters of threats."

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