AI is a helpful tool for Military

By arvind |Email | Aug 27, 2018 | 7131 Views

There is no denying the fact that AI is here to make our everyday life simple, be it Alexa at home or Siri in our phones. When it comes to AI being used in military a debate is standing around the corner, all because of the masked fear of AI possessing a threat to humanity. AI in military has improved many of its applications and it use in the field. The promise of AI to improve he speed and logistic to human decision making is what is driving military to accelerate the R&D. Scientists have started using of AI in the defense  sectors because of the applications it offers over the restrictions that we as humans have,  practice tools for troops, collections of wide databases. There are some AI applications that are making fast improvements in the defense with every day.

Drones are something that might give military the same excitement, a kite gives to general population. Which the drones we use are not what the military drones do. The technology in military drones has come a long way especially since its involvement with AI, maybe that is the reason for increase in its popularity.  Drones in defense have a various workings, right from scanning an area, to providing the troops on the ground with the audio and visual information of the area and to the base as well. Drones are used in exploration of areas that humans cannot go to or are difficult for the troops. Tracking the enemy movements in alien areas is a crucial application of drones in military/defense.  Drones are also used for searching injured or lost soldiers after the war and keeping an eye at the border.

Robots have been around the defense sectors for quite so time. They are being used to help and assist the ground troops. With the improvement of AI technologies and robots, robots are able to do various tasks in the field.  These humanoid robots are able to do most of the works of a soldier; they are self reliant and adaptable. Robots are built to help soldiers in the combat, execute various operations and rescue commands. 

Militaries around the world are aware of the fact that the speed of is increasing, military Meta is on a continuous improvement, everyone is aiming for that important lead in military. Deep learning is being used to analyze data; there is often too much data which is hard to process. AI applications offer the potential to speed up the data interpretation process. The data collected by drones and robots, while on the war field, needs to be structured and grouped in an organized manner to make the information insightful.

Almost all the military data is now in digital form. AI can help in protection of this data as an web security, offering protection from malware, phishing an attacks at data centers or government websites, security of these data is very important. 

Use of AI in military all around the world is important to sustain the superiority and is helpful in reducing the cost and the risk to the lives of soldiers. Applications of AI in defense can further be extended to designing targeted missiles, sophisticated weapons, and intensive fighter planes. These applications, that require thorough research, hold the potential to revolutionize the face of defense in the near future.

Source: HOB