Industries are seeing changes because of AI

By arvind |Email | Aug 28, 2018 | 8439 Views

AI-nothing new to the ears but it is certainly new for the brains maybe not so much that are working around it every day. We don't have the same AI like Jarvis, but AI technology has travelled some distance. We know that we have chatbots, Alexa and Siri that are AI's but AI is that and much more. It has changed a lot of things in our everyday life. To be honest having a car that could time travel would have been nice but a car that can find its own way is something. More industries are moving towards AI, using it to get that all crucial edge in the industries. Technologies are coming and improving everyday and I have to write about them, well it helps me pay my bills. AI has a affected industries in various ways here are some of them. 

AI in retail

Retail is one industry that has not shied and is probably the one industry that commonly known for its use of AI. Companies are using AI to help them interact with the customers, services using speech recognition, chatbots and customer assistants help the companies with their customers.

AI in energy 

Artificial intelligence is still in the early stage of implementation in the energy & utility industry, companies in the sector have already begun to invest in the new technology. Big data and artificial intelligence deals in the energy industry went up tenfold just in 2017. Generally, industry leaders expect AI to make energy systems cleaner, more affordable and reliable.

AI in technology

By technology I mean it and software companies who actually build these AI. All it says is "if I am building it I am definitely using it". The tech giants are buying and funding small AI start-ups to gain the necessary competitive edge over other competitors. Many of them have even stopped their works on AI like Facebook. These companies are working countless hours to improve AI for the daily use for tech use and for the betterment of human kind.

AI in finance and banking

When it comes to the use of AI in banking sector or financial sector the vision is narrowed to AI as chatbots to improve customer experience, services or with data, there are a lot of other applications of AI when it comes to the banking industry. Blockchain is set to inculcate the advantage of real-time payment process, hastening up the procedure of payment, thereby increasing support and satisfaction. Digital wallets are touted as the future of real-world payment technologies.

AI in healthcare

Right from reducing the times of MRI scans, to able to identify small tumours. AI has brought the small change in the industry for now but will for sure be something that will change the working of healthcare industry for good.  Using the patient's data and external knowledge sources such as clinical research, medical professionals can build a personalized treatment path for everyone.

AI in education

When it comes to AI impact on education, AI is able to education more personal. It tailors the study material according to an individual student. It has been able to make teachers more productive and helped them focus on the more important tasks doing the not so important works.  Data analytics help implement adaptive learning programs by allowing educators to collect and analyze data about the performance and learning style of each student and constantly adjust the learning material according to their progress.


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