Application that are here to help the law enforcement with facial recognition

By arvind |Email | Aug 31, 2018 | 9105 Views

Most of the phones at present have facial recognition in them. Facial recognition is software that helps to keep your phone safe from other. If something is able to give that extra layer of safeguard to your phones from people trying to get in. The technology can be used to keep you safeguard from people as well. 

Image recognition is not something new for the law enforcements, but there is for sure room for improvement. Government and law enforcement has turned to AI for the help with facial recognition. The task of matching suspect's image can be made a lot smoother with AI and facial recognition; the time for an investigation can be improved with this too. Here are some of the applications already being used on the planet.

FBI's identification system

We all know how secretive are FBI about their working. But actually spoken about their identification system; FBI says, "their Facial Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation Services Unit uses a database called the Next Generation Identification System."    
How does it work?

The software can upload facial images, scan and log fingerprints and help uploading other biometric data. Multiple faces photos and security photos can be uploaded to the software, the software is able to identify and detect faces. FBI uses this data for facial recognition and fingerprint matches for the uploaded images, fingerprints and other biometric data. This database is not only used by FBI but also other law facilities and state motor vehicle departments.  The software helps FBI notify about the people that has been upload in the system for arrest or booking.

New York Department of Motor Vehicles Software

The software was brought into use by the department in the year 2010 and was upgraded in the year 2016. The state department of Motor Vehicles offices recorded database of photo ID's and identity is used as the base of data information for the New York's facial recognition system. According to Andrew M. Cuomo ( New York's Governor) said, "since implementing its newest upgrade in 2016 the software has led to more than 4000 fraud arrests involving criminals who attempted to steal the identities of New York residents listed in the DMV's database."

How does it work?
When a passport, license or an ID photo is taken at a New York DMV office, the information is automatically uploaded into the software. The photo is then run through the system and if it matches with any identity or face of a criminal under different name the DMV gets notified about it. A click then takes the DMV investigating officer to a page that compares the old and the new identity and the investigation can go on further from then onwards.


The software is able to detect and log faces from images and videos uploaded to the platform but the person should be a law enforcement officer or one of the company's client. The company claims the software is able to match the faces recorded with that of ID and mugshot photos from their database.

How does it work?

According to company, "officers can use FaceFirst by uploading a database of images into the system. Officers can also connect to the FBI's ARJIS database or other local police official databases that are already uploaded from those organizations. From there, officers can add mugshots, ID images, or other facial images by uploading them or taking them on-scene with the application. When a photo is entered into the system, the software will search the connected databases to see if it matches that of any crime suspects. If the face is not detected in the database, the officer uploading the image will be prompted to add information, such as a name or notes that will be linked with the image."

Source: HOB